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Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony

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An Extremely gaunt and grotesque mass of writhing flesh, , also called , consumes all.
Though depicted as a snake or worm-like being consuming it's own tail, people often refer to Boleth as and as such, this often leads to an alternative icon being used.   The Nadir of Gluttony is the embodiment of limitless apetitie, to over-indulge and over-consume - whether that be food, drink or something else entirely.  


As the Nadir of Greed, Boleth has an unending, unquenchable hunger. They are constantly in gut wrenching pain, never able to satiate their desire to consume. As such, Boleth's only slight respite from this unwavering craving, is the feeling of satiety those who gorge themselves on endless banquets feel. Boleth lives vicariously through their followers and devotees who consume and devour without yielding.  

Sloth events

Rifts between the planes that have been corrupted by Bolteh’s power appear as a cavernous, moist and slippery, deep pit in the earth. Surrounded by damp dead soil, stringy lumps of fat and writhing bloated maggots, dead flora and dead fauna litter the banks of the black pit. The stench of rotting and decay in the area is foul and almost unbearable. Poisonous spore mushrooms are one of the only few living things you'll find in this sulfuric stench.  

Worship & Devotion

Through acts of overindulgence, Boleth is envigoured. These feelings of insatiable esurience and intemperance are most commonly found in the rich and powerful, for their access to such lavish bounties make overconsumption easy and a common occurrence.   Throughout time, celebrations have been held for numerous important occasions, more often than not, these celebrations contain large banquets and copious amounts of alcohol. As such, they serve to be great boons to Boleth's power.

Gifts of Boleth

At first, the gifts of Boleth allow their recipients to consume without worrying about gaining weight or feeing sluggish from being full, changing their metabolism to process the nutrients at incredible speeds. After a period of time, though, this same boon can turn into a curse of eternally insatiable hunger, turning the recipients into ravenous beasts. In such states, they will devour anything, from vast quantities of alcohol to rotten foods or even raw human flesh, for the recipient of Boleth's gifts consume with impunity.   In time, the folowers will be changed, as with all gifts from a Nadir, eventually it is too much for the human body to contain. The powers of Boleth corrupt the soul and body, creating masses of tendrils that errupt from where limbs once where. As well as opening jaws to much greater sizes and altering their physicality in strange ways.  


Boleth's followers and spawn are immeasurable, from the tiny parasitic worms eating their victims from within, to the Fecund Broodmothers spewing out innumerous foul eggs that will later become agents of Boleth's will, each plays a vital role in the Nadir's plans.   One of the most feared spawns of Boleth are the Abyssal Landwyrms, an essential part of Boleth's domain spreading. These wretched creatures consume the land and all that stands above it, tunneling to depths of roughly sixty meters whilst excreting mephitic gasses and sludge that is perfect for the cultivation of the parasites and other spawn of Boleth. Through their actions, they are creating a nightmarish landscape that spreads from the toxic marshlands created above to the cavernous tunnel networks below, giving birth to a literal breeding-ground that is hostile to natural life. Some have even seen this sludge used to create structures and supports within the unceasing maze of caves and tunnels beneath the surface.
Rift-worm by Public domain
Skin Colour
Black olive & Deep taupe
6 ft (~2 m)
90 ft (~27 m)
46,000 lb (~20,865 kg)
Apperance is an approximation, defined by alleged sightings and historical tales.
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Woo! Second Nadir. I like the way this guy sounds!   One question: You mention they can consume with impunity, and like to drink lots of booze... Can they get drunk? What about high off of narcotics, or poisoned by things that enter their bloodstream or bite? :O

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People in general can yes, they're just normal folk afterall aha. Though those who receive a gift from Boleth, they would not be effected by what they consume no. That's how they're able to eat with impunity, they can eat/drink anything and everything - the Demons/Underlings even more so.