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VISCERIUM is a tale of eternal struggle, a grim verse under constant threat of demonic incursions. From the pounding drums of medieval warbands to the thunderous engines of space-faring ships, human history is nothing but a deadly tug-of-war. Follow humanity's darkest eras, and uncover unique locations, creatures and factions, all fighting for their survival.
In the shadowed realm of the Degel System, a haunting tapestry unfurls, woven with threads of ancient malevolence and the fragility of human existence. Within its grim confines, a ceaseless struggle ensues, where the very survival of humanity hangs in the balance, beset by relentless incursions of demonic menace and heavenly hypnosis.   From the relentless war drums echoing through the blood-soaked battlefields of the medieval epoch, to the thunderous reverberation of engines propelling space-faring vessels through the void, VISCERIUM traces a harrowing journey across the darkest chapters of human history. With each passing era, the weight of desperation and the chilling spectre of oblivion grow ever more pronounced. Venture forth into this treacherous landscape, where unique locations, grotesque abominations, and enigmatic factions tentatively stand united by their struggle for survival in a world drenched in sombre hues.