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Sage Dylonishere123
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6 Apr, 2019 13:43

Thanks for the follow. I hope you enjoyed Expedition Demeter!

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Novice worldbuilder trying to find a productive outlet for hours spent on internet spirals into history, stories, science, heraldry, geography, anthropology, linguistics, etc. Started by just thinking up a world for a map a drew when bored, it's now got a bit out of control! Have even got into D&D and started as a game master so I have something to do in the world and to help me dive into the surface level details. My interest and the world I'm writing are mostly focused on: how certain people in certain places with certain levels of technology and culture get to where they are; how religion, culture, geography, etc effects the way that different groups interact with each other; how people react to hardship and change and how/if they manage to recover, rebuild and adapt. Hopefully one day the world we be at a level of completeness that I am happy with and I can do something with it, maybe write up a book!

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