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Hello! It's fantastic to meet you, my name is Emily!
  I'm a creative scatterbrain seeking my cozy niche in this crazy world. During the day, I get to help people reach their creative visions through audio, video, and design. At night I throw a blanket around my shoulders and call myself a creative crusader beating down the bad vibes and naysayers. Need a hype man for your creative endeavors? Just call my name.

Beckettville: Capitalism meets eldritch power in this comedic cosmic horror universe spawning short stories, audio clips, videos, and more surrounding the city of Beckettville.
  Culinarypunk: In Culinarypunk, magic derives from food. Disagreements over the power of certain edibles have caused a split in the once peaceful land. Allegiances shattered into the seven main kingdoms that now stand, leaving small migratory groups feeling minced about choosing a side.

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