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Hello! It's fantastic to meet you, my name is Emily!
  I'm a creative scatterbrain seeking my cozy niche in this crazy world. During the day, I get to help people reach their creative visions through audio, video, and design. At night I throw a blanket around my shoulders and call myself a creative crusader beating down the bad vibes and naysayers. Need a hype man for your creative endeavors? Just call my name.


Here you'll find a few worlds I'm working on. At the moment, Beckettville is my current focus and will see the most development, but the others may receive minor updates throughout the year. I love playing with CSS to really get the proper vibe for the world and I'm currently working on custom music.
Beckettville: Capitalism meets eldritch power in this comedic cosmic horror universe spawning short stories, audio clips, videos, and more surrounding the city of Beckettville.
  Culinarypunk: In Culinarypunk, magic derives from food. Disagreements over the power of certain edibles have caused a split in the once peaceful land. Allegiances shattered into the seven main kingdoms that now stand, leaving small migratory groups feeling minced about choosing a side.
  The Hallowed: The Hallowed is a dark fantasy role-playing setting using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e RPG System. The continent of The Hallowed offers pulp adventures through tropical rainforest temples, demonic desert fire spots, and cosmic horrors in frostbitten mountains, as well as a potential war building in the background.
  Dux Hidalgo: A space opera retelling of Don Quixote. After spending his life reading historical documents about ancient heroes, Dux Hidalgo jumps in his vintage RocSkipper alongside his faithful first mate Ignacio to take on the galaxy all in the name of the Galactic Princess Honey.

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