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My name is Kurt Olivo and I've been a dungeon master and roleplaying game master for over 20 years! As an immigrant kid from Manila, Philippines, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere and DND became a form of escapism for me. Through this game, which is inherently about the intersections of diversity, I felt like I was able to build my own real-life communities. My goal as a world builder and dungeon master is to bring in elements of Asian/Pacific Islander culture, queer experiences, and BIPOC stories together and weave them with the writing and acting of my players to make a collaborative work of art where we all feel like we belong, hopefully with some laughs along the way. If you are looking to create more representation in your own games, please draw from my world for inspiration!   If you're an artist, musician, another DM, writer, or player, please reach out to me. If your work is uncredited or you have changes to your sites, please let me know so I can update citations.   Outside of DND I am into competitve weightlifting, travel, science, and tending to houseplants. I'm a Strength Druid, what are you? Let me know here or on my social media.