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High Fae Court

A United Fae

Written by ninne124

The High Fae Court is one of the most influential organizations currently active. It was recently founded by the fae, as an attempt to stabilise the relationship between all of the different fae. Though well known between the fae, not many humans know exactly what the court's purpose is. However, though not many humans know what the court does, they see it as a potential danger to their lives.   The High Fae Court's sphere of influence is immense and affects many different areas and individuals on a regular basis, so humans may be in their right mind to be worried.  

Importance and Relevance

The court has direct influence over all fae matters. Though many matters are handled by the realm specific courts, the High Fae Court is still able to influence them all.   This is because the court is made up by the High Faes of each of the seven other courts: the Air Fae Court, Dark Fae Court, Earth Fae Court, Fire Fae Court, Light Fae Court, Spirit Fae Court and the Water Fae Court.
The 7 High Fae are often referred to as the High Council because the High Fae Court also encompasses other members such as advisors and servants.  


When the organization was founded, one of the agreements in the original document was, that the High Fae Court would be able to pass laws which would apply in all areas ruled over by one of the seven High Fae.   However, the law needs to be passed through several stages before it can be implemented into fae law, it is not a quick process.
Besides drafting and approving laws, the High Fae Court is also the organization who hold the trial whenever someone is accused of treason, either against the individual courts or the high court itself.   The core seven are the ones who judge whether or not an individual of the crime they have been accused of.   A sentence cannot be given before a defence has been presented and before the core seven have discussed the matter with their councils and advisors.
    The Stages of Implementing a New Law

The Five Stages of Implementing a New Law

  1. The bill needs to be drafted by the seven core members. Anyone can propose the idea, but the first draft needs to be discussed and written by every core member, or it will not be qualified for the next step.
  2. Then bill needs to be taken to each High Fae's own council were they need to mull it over and discuss which parts they want to keep, which to rewrite, which to remove and whether or not they even want the bill to be implemented at all.
  3. When the second stage is complete, the core members meet once again and vote on whether or not anything should be changed. If the majority is for editing the bill, they will do that. A paragraph of the bill can only be changed if more than four members want it changed. A new version of the bill is written up.
  4. The bill is once again taken to the advisors, this is mostly a formality. They have to approve of it officially together with their ruler before it can advance to the next stage.
  5. The seven core members will vote on whether or not to implement the bill as a law. Four members have to vote yes before it is officially considered law.

Organization Structure

Hierachy and Titles

The High Fae Court is comprised of many individuals, but when people refer to the court, they often refer to the 7 most essential figures, also known as the High Council, the Core Seven or the Core Members. They are the only ones with any real power in the organization.  
by Ninne124
1. Arch High Fae 2. High Fae
3. Advisors 4. Other Academics 5. Servants
These are the current High Fae whom lead all of the other separate Fae Courts.   The seven leaders are the heart of the High Fae Court. All of their decisions will influence many thousand lives.   Though all members have the same title outside of the High Court, one of them also bears the title of Arch High Fae, who is the head of the core seven when it comes to matters of the High Fae Court.   The Arch High Fae is elected by vote.
The vote is held between the seven core members after each of them has held a campaign to try and persuade the others to give them their vote.
      Additional Court Roles

Additional Court Roles

  Besides the main seven members, there are a number of other key members. This includes the Scribe, Secretary, Grandmaster, Knight, Cook, Chef, Bard, Stable Master, Stable Assistant, Messenger, Butler, Chamber Servant, Servant, Physician and the Historian.   In total, the court is comprised of many members, some are also technically members of the other Fae Courts, but they have been given a permanent position in the high fae court as well. This is because the different high fae usually bring some of their most loyal servants, so they can be sure that everything is looked after accordingly while they are back in their own domains.

History of the Court

Though the High Fae Court has only existed for a brief period of time, its history is intriguing. The peace has been turbulent through the more or less two hundred years the court has existed and it almost lead to the disbandment of the organization in some instances.      



Treaty of Kloevendal

  The Court was founded after a dark period in the history of the fae. The different fae had been at war with one another for over a thousand years, the immense amounts of clashes and battles between them are now referred to as The Thousand Year War.   The fae were exhausted from the warring and their resources had dried out. Then, humans began their attempt at conquering land in the Fae Realms. The Fae decided to officially end their feud to stand against the growing threat of some of the human nations.

Strength in Unity


  • Alahon
    A map over the pocket dimension known as Alahon. This realm is inhabited by the fae.
Court, Royal
Leader Title
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Items
Notable Members
Current Members
Aepilon Virgella
Anlyrri Zylthana
Azrim Ineran
Kymil Nirmaris
Maielle Adwenys
Nestryn Onimor
Vulas Brymenor

Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2022

A part of the Fae Realms, though not bound to a specific type of Fae like the rest are. This realm is used for diplomatic interactions between all of the Fae and is the head quarters of the High Fae Court.

After The Thousand Year War, the Fae decided to unite and work together instead of fighting and wasting their resources on one another.   They signed the treaty in the human realms, and they created the High Fae Court. This Court has been the basis for the peace between all of our kind for the last hundred years.
Belliene, Historian of the High Fae Court
This led to the founding of the High Fae Court in 1392 when all the leaders of the fae met in Kloevendal to sign the document known as the Treaty of Kloevendal.
The treaty stated that an organization should be made that would focus on keeping the peace and as well as organising efforts against the humans.
The court is both an important way to symbolise that there is now peace between the fae but also a key part to maintain the alliance now formed between them.

The Assassination of the First Arch High Fae

The first event, which threatened to rip the organization apart, happened a little over 100 years later after the founding of the court. There had been minor clashes between the fae before that. The Arch High Fae Celtin Nirmaris was assassinated on the 14th of Ebenisden 1497.  
When an emergency meeting was called the day after, Celtin's daughter Kymil Nirmaris had already been instated as High Fae of the Air Fae Court and she was overcome by grief as she accused the individual members of murdering her father.   Such accusations are taken very seriously by the fae, and this destabilised the dynamic of the core seven, as each of them feared that another member was the killer and that they themselves might be the next target.
However, it came to light only a few hours later that it had been a human who had slain the Arch High Fae. The Court hired a highly renowned investigator to figure out who he had ties to, and the evidence cleared the names of all of the other High Fae.   However, the human seemed to have ties to the leaders of Fennlad in Dysvoll. This prompted the High Fae Court to take action and they struck the nation on several occasions.

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  • 0 BDF

    Darkness Came
    Era beginning/end

    When the first Dark Entities appeared. Ever since that moment, the reality of the world seemed to have changed.   The darkness only seems to be expanding.

    Additional timelines
  • 479 ADF

    1482 ADF

    The Thousand Year War
    Political event

    Though the name suggest that the war lasted exactly 1000 years, that is not true. The war lasted one 1003 years. This war lasted many battles and killed many Fae before the different types of fae realised, that the war had no end and that none would win. They were simply putting themselves and each other in misery.   The war ended when all 7 High Fae met in Kloevendal and signed the peace treaty known as the Treaty of Kloevendal

    Additional timelines
  • 1349 ADF

    Pocket Dimension of Alahon Discovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    A young Air Fae named Yleen Ikliass stumbled over a forgotten pocket dimension created by the Old Fae.   She named it Alahon and spent the next years shaping the empty void into what would later become the headquarters for the High Fae Court.

  • 1392 ADF

    The Treaty of Kloevendal
    Diplomatic action

    After hundreds and thousands of years of unrest between the different Fae, they came together in Kloevendal to bury the hatchet once and for all. Thus, the Treaty of Kloevendal was signed and the High Fae Court was created.

    Additional timelines
  • 1392 ADF

    1 Hekhisda

    The Founding of the High Fae Court

    With the Treaty of Kloevendal signed, the High Fae Court had officially been founded.

    Additional timelines
  • 1392 ADF

    15 Hekhisda

    First Arch High Fae Elected
    Political event

    The Air Fae Celtin Nirmaris was elected as the first Arch High Fae.

  • 1393 ADF

    Alahon chosen as Central Location for the High Fae Court
    Political event

    The High Fae Court chose Alahon as the location where all meetings would be held. This was a more neutral place than any other fae realm in existence.

    Additional timelines
  • 1394 ADF


    Fire Fae settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Fire Fae chose an island to claim as their own in Alahon.

  • 1394 ADF


    Air Fae settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Air Fae chose an island to claim as their own in Alahon.

  • 1395 ADF

    17 Teisda

    High Fae Court HQ Project Finished
    Construction beginning/end

    After only 3 months of building, the tower on the Fae High Court island in Alahon was finished.   This is where all meetings between the members of the High Court are held.

  • 1396 ADF

    14 Teisda

    Earth Fae Settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Earth Fae chose an island to claim as their own in Alahon.

  • 1396 ADF

    23 Nymisda

    Light Fae Settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Light Fae chose an island to claim as their own in Alahon.

  • 1396 ADF

    7 Hekhisda

    Dark Fae Settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Dark Fae chose an island to claim as their own in Alahon.

  • 1413 ADF

    12 Helisda

    Spirit Fae Settle in Alahon
    Political event

    The Spirit Fae decide to establish a base in Alahon, making them the last kind of fae to do so.

  • 1446 ADF

    Legnas the Illusionist goes Missing
    Criminal Activity

    Legnas the Illusionist goes missing. No one can manage to turn him up, neither with spells nor with tracking animals.

    Additional timelines
  • 1497 ADF

    Assassination of Yleen Ikliass
    Life, Death

    When Celtin Nirmaris was assassinated, the killers also went after Yleen Ikliass, as they both were prominent Air Fae. This made the air fae believe that another type of fae was on the warpath against them.   However, it turned out it was a human associated with Fennlad who was had carried out the murders.

    Additional timelines
  • 1497 ADF

    14 Ebenisden

    Assassination of Celtin Nirmaris
    Life, Death

    The Arch High Fae Celtin Nirmaris was assassinated by an unknown human male who was killed by Celtin's servants afterwards.

    Additional timelines
  • 1497 ADF

    15 Ebenisden

    High Fae Court Emergency Meeting
    Gathering / Conference

    After the death of Celtin Nirmaris the High Fae's gather, including Celtin's daughter who became the High Fae of the Air Fae the day of her father's demise.   This is the meeting where they first tried to elect a new Arch High Fae, however, they could not reach an agreement.

  • 1497 ADF

    22 Ebenisden

    Investigation of the Assassination Begun
    Diplomatic action

    The Court hired a highly renowned investigator to uncover the assassins affiliations. He cleared the names of all of the High Fae and instead the evidence pointed at the leaders of Fennlad.

  • 1497 ADF

    27 Melisda

    First Attack on Fennlad
    Military action

    The High Fae Court launched an attack on Fennlad as repayment for the assassination of Celtin Nirmaris.

  • 1498 ADF

    27 Dreisda

    Second Arch Fae Elected
    Political event

    The Fire Fae Aepilon Virgella was elected as the second Arch High Fae.


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