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Arch of Harmony

A monument to peace and progress

The Arch of Harmony is the name the fae have given to the monument they created in relation to the signing of the Treaty of Kloevendal and the end of the The Thousand Year War. It is a large construction with arches going through it. It was used during the signing of the treaty, which happened in Kloevendal in Ashilder in the human realms. The Arch of Harmony was left as a reminder of the progress and peace the fae made on this day.  

Overtaken by Nature

The Harmony Arch was left in the nature in Kloevendal afterwards, as the fae are rarely in the human realms. A neutral territory was needed during the treaty signing, and so this is why they ventured out of the comfort of their own realms. This meant, that the monument was left to natures devices, and quickly became overgrown and overtaken by the plants found in the valley.   Years after the plants had made their home on the momument, the people of Kloevenlev discovered the unusual construction. They had only recently established a permanent home in the valley, and sought to look after and protect their people and the valley's nature.   They were so fascinated with the monument that they made sure to remove the overgrown foliage and clean the statue. They now use it as a site for bigger events, as it is a natural gathering point for such activities. Many people go there for a quiet moment or spiritual private matters as well.  


The arch is made out of very light grey stone that gives the appearance of white in the light. The monument is a rather complicated structure and includes several pillars, walls and arches going through it. The structure itself is around 15m tall and 14 meters wide. The main arch is centered on the structure and is about 5 meters wide and 11 meters tall. Two other arches are present on either side of the large arch, and they are both 2,5 meters wide and 7 meters tall. There are sets of pillars between each arch and on the end of the monument. inside the biggest arch, there's a podium and a book stand, where the treaty was places during the signing.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Harmony Arch
Fae Arch
Monument / Statue, Large
Owning Organization

Warden Initiation Night

The Harmony Arch is an important part of the Warden Initiation Nights and it is usually the first stop of the night of trials.   This is usually where all the Valley Wardens will be waiting as the newest recruit will be led there, and told a vague resume of what they will have to endure during the night to become a true warden in the morning.   When the new recruit comes back from the night of tests, they will be greeted in town in the morning, and the next evening they will officially be awarded the Badge of the Warden at the Harmony Arch by the Clover Chief and officially be a part of the Wardens of the Valley.

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