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Clover Chief

Leader of Kloevenlev

Kloevenlev is a closed community in the valley known as Kloevendal in Ashilder. Their town is protected by their own independent organisation known as Wardens of the Valley. The Valley Wardens all report to the Clover Chief, who acts as the highest authority in the town.  
Our Clover Chiefs have watched over us for many years!   Trust is important in Kloevenlev, and so we only elect those we are sure we can trust.
— Inhabitant of Kloevenlev

Leader of Kloevenlev

The Clover Chief is the most influential position in Kloevenlev, they're the ones to call the shots and they have the last word in most matters. They're in charge of the Valley Wardens and spend most of their working hours ensuring Kloevenlev is safe and running as it should.   Most Clover Chiefs were Valley Wardens before being elected as the leader.
  However, it isn't a requirement to have spent time in service as law enforcement to get elected to office.   It is usually beneficial to one's credibility, as many people in the community are aware of the current Wardens and they are seen to be trustworthy and hardworking.
To become the Clover Chief, one has to earn the trust and respect of the entirety of Kloevenlev.   You have to be voted into office, and you have to work hard to get there!
— Inhabitant of Kloevenlev
It's a good position to hold if one wishes to be visible and respected in the community.  


As the leader of the town, the Clover Chief has many responsibilities and duties to fulfil. Primarily, the Clover Chief acts as head of the town and carries the same responsibilities as a mayor would in most other towns.   The Clover Chief oversees bigger projects, ensures public spaces are held up to date, is in charge of major and minor repairs as well as represents the town in case the mayors of Ashilder are ever called to the capital.   Furthermore, the Clover Chief also has the last say in approving new Valley Wardens, a person cannot become a fully-fledged Warden without the approval of the Clover Chief.  

An independent town

The Clover Chief equates to the Chief of Law enforcement position in the rest of Ashilder. Kloevendal was allowed to have its own independent law enforcement after troubles arose when the Ashilder police made an attempt to govern the town.   Because Kloevendal and its inhabitants are geographically far from the rest of the towns and cities in Ashilder, it was difficult finding any high-ranking officer willing to travel there and start up the new police force. The only ones willing were too inexperienced. Most candidates refused to take the position because they felt that they would not have a chance to fit into the isolated community, whose culture diverged significantly from the rest of Ashilder.   The government of Ashilder allowed the community to have their own law enforcement, as long as they were allowed to check up on the state of things whenever they wished.   The position of Clover Chief had already existed long before it was recognized legally by the government of Ashilder. However, after this decision had been made, the Clover Chief was officially the legal leader of the town.
Civic, Political
In Effect
Source of Authority
Elected through democratic vote
Length of Term
6 years
Current Holders
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Settlement | Jul 23, 2022

A town located in Kloevendal, a large valley in Ashilder.

Wardens of the Valley
Organization | Jul 25, 2022

The protectors of Kloevendal, keeps the peace and ensures safety.

Kloevenlev City Hall
Building / Landmark | Jul 24, 2022

The Town hall of Kloevenlev in Kloevendal, Ashilder.

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