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The Valley of Clovers

Written by ninne124

Kloevendal is a large valley found in Ashilder, which is located in the mid-east of Dysvoll. It is a vast and beautiful valley covered in flowers and shrubbery, but it features very little other than that.   The valley is known from legends about fae, which says that it was either used by them, inhabited by them or, in some more uncommon versions, even made by them.  

A Flourishing Haven

Everything around the valley is green and lush, but if you move further away from the valley, most of Ashilder has a drier climate and consists mostly of plains that are barely covered with grass and bushes.  

A wondrous place

Outsiders who have walked through Kloevendal describe it as something out of a fairytale. The flowers and birds of the valley make the area both smell and sound wonderful. The climate is temperate and there's only a slight, refreshing breeze flowing through.   At one point, you might come across a clearing where the sound of running water hits your ears. Kloevendal has a natural water spring which pours forth at the north-western area of the valley. The water from the spring is said to taste quite pleasant and have a calming effect on certain people. The meadow around the spring is a popular resting spot for the inhabitants of the valley.  

The rains of the valley

The valley is vast and green and houses many colourful and fragrant flowers, big lush bushes and trees scattered around. The valley and its surroundings are abundant in plants due to the raised edges around the valley force incoming clouds to a higher altitude, which causes it to rain. This rain is what makes this valley something special, it is what makes it a green oasis in an otherwise yellowed and dry region.   Even though the area is rich in plant life and well-watered, it is not well-traversed nor densely inhabited. The valley lies quite a distance from the nearest rivers in Ashildir, which is where most inhabitants of the nation live.  

Fae Influence

Many people who frequent Ashildir know the myths surrounding Kloevendal. Most believe that it used to be a hotbed for fae activity. There are many speculations as to why this was the case.   Some people theorise that the fae was harvesting the local plants while other theories are based on the belief that the fae tested out destructive magic in the area. Some of these people also think that the entire valley was created this way, due to large, magical explosions.   In actuality, Kloevendal is where the Treaty of Kloevendal was signed, which effectively ended the long strife between Fae kind and united them under a new ruler, the Arch High Fae. The fae thought the area was a nice spot, and convenient as they could open a gate to the area, so they could access it with ease from the Fae Realms.  

Geography of the Valley

Kloevendal is a large valley, which is quite long and narrow. To the south, there's a gentle slope that lowers calmly into the valley, creating an easy access point. To the immediate east and west of this slope, there are cliffs bordering the valley, which give natural protection as the valley cannot be easily entered from these points.   The cliff formations to the west stretch to the northern parts of the valley, while the northeast features another slope, as well as a cluster of hills.   The only large and permanent settlement in the valley is Kloevenlev, which is placed in the southern parts of the valley, just beyond the slope and right where the two cliff sides narrow in on each other.
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