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Valley Warden

Protectors of the Valley

The Valley Wardens are the local enforcers of the law and peacemakers of Kloevenlev and Kloevendal in Ashilder. The Wardens of the Valley are separate from the police force found in the rest of the country. They hold the same authority and officially have to uphold the same laws in their own region, but they are known to be much more involved and invested in the well-being and welfare of the community they serve.  

To be a Warden

To be a part of Wardens of the Valley, you have to have the proper training and be accepted into the ranks of the Wardens. Training can take years and it is hard and honest work. It can be difficult getting the training, as someone has to be willing to take you on as an apprentice.  

Values of the Wardens

The Wardens put a lot of weight on fairness and what is right as well as helping out one's neighbours and strangers. Well-fare work and helping out the community is the biggest part of the daily work as a warden, as big situations rarely arise in-town.   However, the danger presents itself in the valley as well as during the night. The valley might have dangerous creatures or plants, while the Dark Entities roam the nights. This is where the more hardcore and challenging part of being a warden comes in.   The wardens have to be willing to help and protect. They exist for the community and are meant to better the lives of their people, not micromanage them.  

Education and training

To become a Valley Warden, one must go through a few official steps, which are set in stone. These steps have been implemented to ensure that no unsuited people get accepted into the ranks of the Warden.  


The first step to becoming a warden, is to go through an assessment. In this assessment, the applier will be judged on both general physical capabilities, but also in regards to intelligence and personality. The assessment is split in three, a physical assessment, a mental assessment and a general ethics assessment.  

Training and Apprenticeship

If you pass the bar on the assessment, you have the opportunity to apply to training and apprenticeship. These thing usually run simultaneously and include more standard lessons around the law as well and hands-on experience in the field with the other wardens. Though, it is mostly observance and not action for the apprentice.   The fastest one can complete both the assessment, training and apprenticeship is 2 years. Most complete it in about 2,5-3 years though.  

Graduation and Initiation

Once the wardens assess that you've done well enough to become an actual warden, a few tests need to be done. When the apprentice have passed those, they need to get through Warden Initiation Night.   When the apprentice gets through that and come back to the town in the morning, they are regarded as a new Warden. The next evening after that, they will be sworn to duty officially by the Clover Chief.  

After becoming an official Warden

After becoming a new Warden, the new recruit usually partners with another experienced warden for a few months up to a year, just to ensure that everything goes as it should. Along with this, the community is encourage to give any relevant feedback, whether good or bad, about the new Warden and their way of handling their responsibilities.  


Due to the extensive training and general care for the community, the Valley Wardens are seen as very trustworthy and good people. Due to this, it is quite common that someone from the Wardens are sworn into office in the town, as people already know of them and what values they embody. The current Clover Chief Kersil Selen started out as a Valley Warden as well.
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Clover Guardians
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