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Town of Clovers

Kloevenlev is a town that is well known in name in Ashilder, but not many outsiders have come to visit. The town is located in Kloevendal, a vast and beautiful valley located in the middle of Ashilder in Dysvoll.   There are no larger settlements close by, as the valley is surrounded by the Secki Plains. The plains are quite dry which makes it hard to cultivate the lands, this makes the area quite unattractive to settle down in.   Kloevenlev is mostly self-governed and has been granted allowance to continue with their own law-enforcement organisation called Wardens of the Valley instead of the standard police force. They follow the same laws as the rest of Ashilder but don't have any assigned police lieutenant calling the shots.  


The name Kloevenlev roughly translates to inheritance of the clovers or relic in the clovers in what seems to be a northern dysvollean language. It is thought that the name either stems from Hanisk, Bredtean or Estrask and that perhaps a group from one of these cultures founded the settlement.   However, these languages were all influenced by Hanonisk. This was the language spoken by the Hanones who came to the area and settled what is now Hanalund.
Due to this influence, there is also the possibility that the town name might just stem from Hanonisk, and that the town was founded by a different group of Hanones than the ones who became the Hanes.  


The town of Kloevenlev is inhabited mostly by Kloeves, which is a distinct group that differs quite a bit from the rest of the inhabitants of Ashilder. Both in looks and culture, they vary quite a bit. Kloeves are more alike to the cultures found in Kanden, when it comes to looks. Their dialect of the Ashilder Tongue also has some distinct northern sounds to it.


Just as with the origin of the name of the town, it's highly debated whether the Kloeves descended from.   The theories are either that they came from one of the 3 distinct groups found in Kanden or from the Hanones.
However, the most accepted idea is, that they descend from the Hanones.
We Kloeves are quite a proud people, we are proud of our accomplishments and our heritage.   However, sometimes I cannot help but wonder if we should be less focused on who we were and where we came from, and focus more on who we have become, for we are our own!
— Clover Warden Eline
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