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Wardens of the Valley

Guardians of Kloevendal

The Wardens of the Valley are the main law enforcers and protectors found in Kloevenlev in Kloevendal. They operate under the same law as the rest of the police force found in Ashilder but they are their own separate instance.   The Wardens have been granted the same authority by the state as the police, so that they may look after the community. This is partly because it was the wish of the townspeople, but also because the police would use a lot of resources to outsource policemen to this remote town.  

The Founding of the Wardens

The wardens first started out as an unofficial little group of neighbours who were determined to keep their families and the town safe. When the Kloeves had been more nomadic, they had designated groups to keep watch while others slept.   However, as they settled down and founded Kloevenlev, this tradition faded away slowly, and suddenly the town was unprotected at night. This meant that Dark Entities would sometimes ravage homes, injure people and sometimes lead to death.  

Protectors of the Valley

As more people got involved in the neighbourhood watch group, they decided to make it official and have leaders and teams, so they could coordinate the effort of the group.   They decided to name themselves Wardens of the Valley, as their goal was to protect their people and their new home in the valley. Official members of their ranks were named Valley Wardens, and they put up requirements to make sure those who joined fit their criteria.
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