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The People of the Clovers

The Kloeves are a people that watch over and inhabit Kloevendal near Secki Plains in Ashilder. They live off the gifts of the valley and in return they nurture and care for the animals and plants that they share their home with.   The Kloeves are as mysterious to outsiders as the valley itself is, due to the fact that most Kloeves live out their entire lives in the valley and rarely traverse to the larger cities. Those who have met them describe them as kind and welcoming, as long as you respect their home.  


The origin of the Kloeves has been a long debated topic amongst themselves, as they are uncertain where they come from. There's both a discussion about the origin of the name of Kloevenlev as well as a discussion about the ethnicity of those who founded the town.  


Some people think the town was founded by a group who might've migrated from Kanden and that the Kloeves descend from these people. That would make the Kloeves descendants of either the Hanes, the Bredteans or the Estranes.   Others theorise it might've been a group of Hanones. The Hanes descend from a specific group of Hanones who decided to settle in what is now Hanalund, which might be why the name sounds alike to certain northern languages. In this theory, the Kloeves would be more of a sister ethnicity of the Hanes, instead of a daughter branch of them or one of the other Kanden groups.

The truth

In reality, the Kloeves are descendants of a group of Hanones who wandered into a fae gate and suddenly found themselves leagues away from the sea.   Without access to water travel, the Hanones felt lost and they wandered around until they found the valley. They made their home there and left behind their sea travelling days.  
This information is mostly lost to the ages, as none of their old sources put a name to the people that founded Kloevenlev. So while this is an accepted theory, not everyone agrees with it.

General Appearance

Most Kloeves have fair to medium skin, brown hair tones ranging from medium to dark brown with different undertones, as well as brown and green eye colours. They look quite different from the other cultures that live around them, but look quite a lot like the Hanes, just with deeper colours. This is likely because of relations with other cultures around them, who tend to have richer skin, eye and hair colours than the Hanones which the Kloeves descended from.  
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Skin Tones

Most common skin tones

Hair colours

Most common hair colours
Firery Orange
Light Caramel
Warm Mid Brown
Warm Dark Brown

Eye colours

Most common eye colours
Deep Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Green

Parent ethnicities
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