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Secki Plains

The Shadowless Land

The Secki plains are a big stretch of grassland which makes up a large part of Ashilder landmass. The Secki plains are bordered by rivers in the north, Kloevendal to the south, mountains to the east and forest to the west.  
Most of us avoid the Secki Plains if we can. It's warm, it's dry and worst of all, it is almost impossible to find a shadow to rest in out there.   Of course, this means that you won't run into a Dark Entity during the day! But being dehydrated far from a water source is just as deadly as any of those shadowy bastards.
— Local Ashildean

Flora and Fauna

The plains are mostly uninhabited by humans, due to their drier nature and lack of access to larger amounts of water. The Secki plains are mostly covered in grass and smaller bushes that provide food to the animals that live there. There are very few trees, and therefore very little shadow to hide in.   The climate in the plains is often warm and on the drier side with low humidity. This is due to the mountain range that separates Elken and Ashilder, which causes most of the rain to fall on the Elken side of the mountain range and leave very little water for the plains.   The most common bushes to find in the Secki plains are berry bushes and different kinds of grass. The grass provides food for many of the bigger herbivores in the area, while the berries are an excellent food source for some of the smaller rodents as well as the few bird species found there.
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Sunny plains
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Geographic Location | Jul 17, 2022

A large valley, known for its connection to the fae.

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