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A small Oase in Kanden

The town of Selsdrop is located in the western parts of Estratoft and is mostly known as a vacation and retreat spot for people who live around Kanden. Primarily those from Estratoft, Hanalund and Bredtkiping makes use of the town as a relaxation spot.  
We simply love coming here! It's so calm and relaxing, and the lake itself is splendid!   Whenever we have time and money to come here we do, and after we had children we brought them as well.
— citizen of Hanalund

A Break from Life

The town lies in a nice spot not too far from the ocean but also not close enough to become as chilly as many places in Kanden do. It's uncommon for the people of Kanden to bathe a lot, as many of them live close to the ocean, which rarely heats up. Some people enjoy ice bathing, but this is not a normal activity for the general population. Most prefer to bathe in temperate and calm water. This is where Selsdrop comes in.  

Selsdrop Lake

The lake of Selsdrop is what really draws people in. This body of water heats up fairly quick in the shallower parts, where people would usually swim.   Even after just a week of nice weather, this lake is wonderful to swim in. People flock to the town in periods of warm weather just to dip their toes and swim around.

Wonderful Inns

To accommodate all the people coming to Selsdrop in the summer period, the town took to build a moderate amount of inns.   Most of them are state of the art and serve traditional food from the area, which is just to the taste of most people around Kanden since many of their culinary traditions overlap.
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Kanden is a territory in the northern parts of Dysvoll. The map was drawn by Dhelian, a very talented user here on World Anvil.

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