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Lake Barbund

The Cursed Lake

Lake Barbund is a lake near Venteft in Bredtkiping which has earned its name for its incredibly clear waters with very little vegetation at the lowest point of the lakebed. Barbund means clear or bare bottom, referring to the lack of plants. Other than that, the lake is home to a specific group of fish that are not known to live anywhere else. Lastly, the lake is known for being the site of the disaster commonly known as the The Suffocation of 1378.  

Flora & Fauna

The lake is quite vacant of life compared to other lakes found around Kanden. However, the lake is the home to several species of plants, fish and shell-animals not found anywhere else in Dysvoll.  


The plant life in the lake is quite limited. Most of the plants found in the waters grow near the edge of the water, as the acidity of the water is lower in the top water layers.  

Highest Water Layers

The lake has a green outer ring, which is comprised mostly of common seagrass.   The main species of seagrass found in Lake Barbund is common eelgrass, which is the main food source of the animals in the lake.

Lower Water Levels

The lower levels are very sparse when it comes to plants. There is one type of plant often found there, which is a type of seaweed. It resembles vines and grows along the lakebed. This type of seaweed thrives in areas with high acidity.

Animal Life

There are very few animals in the lake, most live in the upper layers of water in the so-called green ring. However, there is also a handful of fish species found in the cold depths of the lake.  

The Fish with a Water Allergy

The most well-known fish in the lake is of the Bundlapper, a fish which survives on the vine-like seaweed found at the bottom of the lake.   This fish is well-known for how odd it is. When people first started capturing it, it was eaten. However, the smell of it as well as the taste is rather unpleasant and pungent. The stench from it can remain in the air for up to an hour. Bringing a Bundlapper inside is the easiest way to become someone's enemy.   Furthermore, the fish is usually seen as cursed or otherworldly, as it somehow is unable to survive in water taken from the lake. Many have tried to keep them as pets but with the same result each time: a fish floating upside down in the aquarium.
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species
Water pH
Acidic water
The acidity of the water varies between the water levels. The deeper waters have a higher acidity.

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