Dark-fall History of the World Timeline

History of the World

The history of the world, both small events and big. This timeline will have entries from both human and fae history.

  • 0 BDF

    Darkness Came
    Era beginning/end

    When the first Dark Entities appeared. Ever since that moment, the reality of the world seemed to have changed.   The darkness only seems to be expanding.

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  • 479 ADF

    1482 ADF

    The Thousand Year War
    Political event

    Though the name suggest that the war lasted exactly 1000 years, that is not true. The war lasted one 1003 years. This war lasted many battles and killed many Fae before the different types of fae realised, that the war had no end and that none would win. They were simply putting themselves and each other in misery.   The war ended when all 7 High Fae met in Kloevendal and signed the peace treaty known as the Treaty of Kloevendal

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  • 1259 ADF

    6 Nymisda
    1260 ADF

    27 Fiktisda

    Revolution of Bredtkiping

    The Revolution of Bredtkiping. The event that lead to the downfall of the Estratoftian overlords in Bredtkiping.

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  • 1349 ADF

    Pocket Dimension of Alahon Discovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    A young Air Fae named Yleen Ikliass stumbled over a forgotten pocket dimension created by the Old Fae.   She named it Alahon and spent the next years shaping the empty void into what would later become the headquarters for the High Fae Court.

  • 1378 ADF

    12 Ebenisden

    The Suffocation of 1378
    Disaster / Destruction

    The disaster known as The Suffocation of 1378 occurred in Bredtkiping and resulted in the death of over a thousand citizens located in Venteft.

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  • 1392 ADF

    The Treaty of Kloevendal
    Diplomatic action

    After hundreds and thousands of years of unrest between the different Fae, they came together in Kloevendal to bury the hatchet once and for all. Thus, the Treaty of Kloevendal was signed and the High Fae Court was created.

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  • 1392 ADF

    1 Hekhisda

    The Founding of the High Fae Court

    With the Treaty of Kloevendal signed, the High Fae Court had officially been founded.

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  • 1393 ADF

    Alahon chosen as Central Location for the High Fae Court
    Political event

    The High Fae Court chose Alahon as the location where all meetings would be held. This was a more neutral place than any other fae realm in existence.

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  • 1396 ADF

    21 Helisda

    The Disappearing of the Court of Isadore
    Political event

    The day the Court of Isadore disappeared without a trace, leaving their subjects and the city state of Neklian behind. Over time, everyone left Neklian and it fell into ruins, (Ruins of Neklian)

    Ruins of Neklian
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  • 1497 ADF

    14 Ebenisden

    Assassination of Celtin Nirmaris
    Life, Death

    The Arch High Fae Celtin Nirmaris was assassinated by an unknown human male who was killed by Celtin's servants afterwards.

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