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A Once Great and Prosperous Utopia

Written by ninne124

Neklian was a great city-state filled with opulence, good food and experiences you would remember for life. Any important or high standing person had the goal of being invited to the shining city, as it was a center of political importance as well as a cultural beacon. The court gatherings here was a must for any leader in Dysvoll, if they wanted to ensure themselves a seat at the diplomatic table. Many squabbles were settled here, with the help of a good atmosphere and a few expensive bottles of wine.   The influence of Neklian reached nations far away, also in more than just the political center. Culturally, the Neklians had far reach as well, as their architectural styles, art and fashion sense spread to the world around them.  

The Shining City

Neklian was known both as the Gem of Dysvoll and the Shining City, both due to its origins as a gem mining city, the appearance of the city with its light coloured buildings that glow under the sun and due to the fact that it was a cultural center point and held great influence over many other areas.  

The Founding of Neklian

Neklian started as a mining town, and a refuge and safe haven. The town was founded by Telia Ravenswood, formerly Lendrossen, but she chose to change her name after her falling out with her family.   Telia was a noble from Bredtkiping, who was cast out by her family because she possessed a Fae Mark, specifcally the Earth Mark. She had inherited this mark from her mother, who had been found out and was promptly executed for "treason" and "conspiracies involving the dark arts".  

Riches in the Earth

Telia tried desperately to rid herself of the mark, as she saw it as nothing but a curse after what happened with her mother. She had never been practiced magic and hoped that perhaps that meant it could be removed. However, after many failed attempts, it was concluded that it was impossible and her father banished her from the land and the family.   After being cast out, the group crossed the ocean and settled down in the Dysvoll Ellecran Forest. While there Telia started trying to learn how to use her magic, and through that discovered that the earth below them held gems and precious metals. They established multiple mines and the town was formed around them for easy access.  

Governing of Neklian

One of the allures of Neklian, and one of the things that sent waves through the political climate of Dysvoll, was the way the leader of the city state had decided to lead the country. Both in regards to the somewhat flat hierachy, the ideology and view on what the leader is supposed to be for his people and how the economy was set up.  

The Refined Servant

The leader of Neklian was known as the Refined Servant, and as the name suggests, they were seen as a servant to the people. The people didn't just serve the leader but the leader served them too.   The title was named like this because of Telia Ravenswood. She was so thankful to the people who supported her and fled with her, and when they voted that she should be the leader, she made them a promise that they wouldn't be betrayed under her rule.   With the support the townspeople gave to her and her son, the bond between the leader and the people had already formed. This bond was distinctly different from most others seen around Dysvoll, as it was built on mutual respect and the belief that everyone deserved their part.   Her son, Unea Ravenswood, was the first person to hold the official title of Refined Leader.  

Sharing the Wealth

Neklian was operated with the economic system known as palace economy, all wealth flows through the leader and is redistributed to the entire city.   In most instances this has been seen in Dysvoll over the time, it has ended in a starving population and a leader with a stark contrast in riches and luxury.   However, the different courts and the Refined Servants through the ages, have mostly been quite fair at making sure the big amount of wealth found in the city was redistributed somewhat evenly among the citizens. There was still a difference between the Refined Servant and the citizens when it came to lifestyle, but much less than in other nations who had market economy.   While there was a difference between population and the royals, the inhabitants are vastly more well off than the average citizen of any other nation that existed in the same time range.  

Work and social mobility in Neklian

In Neklian, anyone could become anything due to the system they had,and paired with the economy system, everyone was ensured a living wage. The system both ensured that Neklian wouldn't have a shortage of workers in certain sectors, and that social mobility was high.   Each year, a certain amount of positions had to be filled out, whether to replace someone who retired, or because of a higher demand.   Each individual who came of age had to take part in society, whether it be through education, research or working. Every person got to wish for where they'd want to be and what they'd like to do, and everyone would get sorted out into what fit with their wishes.   Citizens of Neklian weren't tied to these positions forever though, it was possible to revise ones position every second year. Passing certain tests or taking part in training programmes would heighten ones chance to get into certain fields.  

The Fall of Neklian

The last great court to rule Neklian was the Court of Isadore, lead by Isadore Ravenswood. Isadore was a most beloved leader, both by his own subjects and by the world around him. He was influential both in politics but also in culture.  
Most of the choices he made in clothing and architecture spread around Dysvoll like a wildfire. However, a fateful autumn night, Isadore and his entire court vanished. They were never seen again.   The citizens of Neklian continued to live there but without clear leadership, conflicts started to erupt. Many different people had an interest in taking over the city-state for themselves.   Bloody fights broke out over the city and many fled to other regions. Some stayed behind, but the number of inhabitants dwindled until they simply died out.
by Ninne124
Founding Date
857 ADF
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
The Shining City
The Gem of Dysvoll
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Economic System
Palace economy
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Refined Servant
Rank/Title | Jul 21, 2021

The Refined Servant is the title of the leader of Neklian. Meant to reflect that the leader leads for their people and not for their own gain.

Embers   The currency of neklian is the ember, which is a slab of simple wood with different symbols branded into them to symbolise different values. These brands are protected and can only be found at the palace.   Many outsiders found it weird that such a rich state would have such mundane a currency, but the inhabitants didn't feel that there was a need to show off on their currency. and that it was a waste of material to make the money out of it.
Ruins of Neklian
Settlement | Dec 13, 2023

A once great and influential city. It was abandoned after its ruler and his entire court vanished without a trace.

Telia Ravenswood
Character | Dec 13, 2021

A noble cast out by her family, one of the founders of Neklian.

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