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A Once Influential and Proud People

The Neklians are the people who used to inhabit the shining city of Neklian, which now sadly lay in ruins. Since it's downfall and slow decay, no one lives the Ruins of Neklian anymore, except for a few critters and perhaps Dark Entities. The population of Neklians have dwindled after the decline of their once great nation, and the only ones left out in the world are those who chose to abandon the sinking ship. Very few decided to do this, so it is very uncommon to see a neklians anywhere in current times.  


The Neklians are commonly seen as a very diverse people, due to the fact that they differ a good tad from their well-known Bredtean ancestors, including the former noble of Bredtkiping, Telia Ravenswood.   However, even though they're seen as diverse and highly differing, the People of Neklian had a good handful of phenotypes which were considered standard for the ethnicity, especially after a few hundred years.  
Common Phenotypes

Common Phenotypes

Skin Tones

The most common look for someone from Neklian was a light to medium skin tone with warm undertones, they generally have a deeper skin tone than the Bredteans. This is due to the influx of citizens that hailed from both the southern and western parts of Dysvoll.
Most common skin tones

Hair colours

Anything from deep brown hair to slightly lighter reddish-brown hair is normal here. Most people have light to medium wavy hair, but curls aren't uncommon either.
Only a very small amount of people have straight hair in Neklian.
Most common hair colours
Deep Brown
Mid Brown
Mid Golden Brown
Rusty Brown
Cinnamon Brown

Eye colours

The eye colours present in the neklian population are roughly the same that can be observed in the Hanes, however, the brown and hazel colours are more common than the green. Virtually no one has blue eyes, less than five percent have this trait.
Most common eye colours
Light Brown



The culture of the Neklians was very rich and diverse. They were prone to adopting traditions from various cultures that came to and mixed with their own. This resulted in a very wide variety of food, architecture and fashion which was completely different to the rest of the world. The way the Neklians communicated also differed greatly, they had a handful of languages considered official languages in the city-state, and their dialect in most were vastly different from the standard.  

Cultural exchange and export

Neklians and their culture were influenced a lot through the years, but in turn, it also influenced other cultures on its own. This happened gradually after the mining city evolved from a quaint town and safe haven to a bustling and wealthy city-state.  
Many people saw Neklian and its citizens as trailblazers and many people took note of the fashion and other currently popular things in the nation.   Especially two cultural things could be seen reflected all over Dysvoll, though the most up north in Kanden and Elken.   This was the architecture and the clothing fashion. Every wave that went through the Neklian people in this regard, could be seen all over the continent in the following years.   It could take months or even a year or two before the cultural influence reached most of Dysvoll, but it was almost certain that it could be seen reflected around the areas over a period of time. Some ideas that came from the neklians caught on more than others, and some even stuck around.
When Isadore Ravenswood decided his new favourite colour to wear was berry red, much fashion around Dysvoll reflected this in the coming years.
When he decided he liked feathers, it was all the rage to have your clothes decorated with them.   Earlier Refined Servants had a similar influence, but his cultural influence and importance reached new heights.   Much of what he did influenced the world around him culturally, and it's safe to say that Isadore had a greater influence on these matters than any other leader at the time.  
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Related Organizations

Organization | Dec 13, 2021

Neklian was an influential city state located in the Ellecran Forest in Dysvoll, but the town lay in ruins after the mysterious and sudden disappearance of the ruling court.

Neklians carry themselves with poise and pride, however, don't mistake this for arrogancy.   These people are anything but arrogant, instead, they all see each other as equals no matter what position they hold in society.   All are seen as equally important parts of a bigger organism and all deserve respect from one another.
Refined Servant
Rank/Title | Jul 21, 2021

The Refined Servant is the title of the leader of Neklian. Meant to reflect that the leader leads for their people and not for their own gain.

Expensive Materials

Due to the wealth of the city-state and its citizens, they had access to a lot of high-quality building materials and many different kinds and this made for a very opulent-looking city, which could be hard to replicate.   Therefore it was normal for replicas of building to focus mostly on form and a few materials and then use substitutes for other materials.   With this prioritizing in materials, the buildings would then come close enough in appearance.
However, due to the conscious choice to replace materials, the building would no longer have the same ridiculously big price tag as it would've had built an exact replica of the original neklian building.

Diplomacy and the spread of culture

The culture was especially spread due to the fact that Neklian was a popular place for different royals and leaders to gather, due to the reputation of the exquisite and colourful parties.   It was common for leaders around the world to discuss diplomatic topics while in the area because it was known as neutral and any aggressive and hostile interactions would be seen as downright insulting. So people used this to their advantage as everyone made sure to be on their best behaviour.   If you were cast out by the Refined Servant, you would be shamed by everyone, as most leaders respected the opinion of the leader of Neklian very highly.

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