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Refined Servant

Leader and Servant of the People of Neklian

The Refined Servant was the title of the leader of Neklian. This once great city is now reduced to rubble and the title no longer exists. This was after the events of the Vanishing of the Leader, the last Refined Servant of Neklian, Isadore Ravenswood and his Court. They mysteriously vanished during the dark of night and the city-state slowly disintegrated with their lacking guidance.  

Leader for the people

It's quite common for leaders of nations in Dysvoll to be corrupt or otherwise use their influence for personal gain. A large difference in wealth can be observed between them and the people they rule and this is generally accepted as normal. However, Neklian and the Refined Servant stood out compared to the rest of the leaders.  
Neklian was founded on the belief that Telia Ravenswood had, which was that even though she was a noble of Bredtkiping, she wasn't worth more than the people who decided to flee with her. Together they started Neklian, and since she had a lifetime of training in being a leader, she was the natural choice.   When the title was officially made and given to Talia's son, Unea Ravenswood, it was based on these principles and the name of the title itself reflects these values.   The leader is there to serve the people, not the other way around.
In Neklian, every citizen was respected. Every profession and job was seen as worthwhile and prestigious, since everyone was needed to make the nation work.   The leaders didn't get any wild extra perks and while they were they face outwards, the people of Neklian lived in as much luxury as they did, due to the deliberate redistribution of wealth through their society.

Chosen by the people

When it comes to appointing a new person, it is possible for the people and the current ruling court to have influence on it. All children of the current Refined Servant are eligible, and so are others, but it has never happened that it wasn't a Ravenswood who was chosen.  

Running Evaluations

Every time a new child becomes a legal adult, the current Refined Servant evaluates them all based on different aspects that are important in leading. If it becomes relevant to choose a new leader, this evaluation is published to the court and the people alongside personal statements from each candidate.   When the last child has become an adult, the evaluations are revised each second year to give a more present view on each person.   The appointment happens by vote, whoever wins the vote can choose to either accept or decline. If declined, the person with second to most votes will be given the title instead, they are not able to decline. This is due to the logic that the third most voted is not an individual the public trusts to lead the nation.
Nobility, Hereditary
No Longer In Effect
892 ADF
Form of Address
First Name
Alternative Naming
The Refined
Servant of the People
Source of Authority
The People
Length of Term
Life-long service
First Holder
Past Holders
Related Organizations

Vanishing of a Leader
Myth | Jul 10, 2021

A prophecy first told when Neklian was still in its earlier years, seen as fulfilled due to the vanishing of Isadore Ravenswood and his court.

No one but the Ravenswoods ever got to lead Neklian, but it seems the people were for that.   They believed that their education and first hand experience under their parent made them the best options.   They were also able to choose between multiple candidates, and this seems to have worked splendidly for the nation.

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Jul 21, 2021 18:39 by Avalon Arcana

this is a very interesting combination of democracy and monarchy. The evaluations are very interesting, especially since they are done when they are an adult and then again when all the children are adults. What happens if the refined servant dies with no children? or the people don't like any of the children to lead? Great article :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Jul 24, 2021 17:09

That never happened, but the possibility was considered and that's why other people also were allowed to run, they just never bested the other candidates. If no children had been born, the refined servant would've been expected to teach another bunch of young people the same lessons so they would have the knowledge. If they died without kids, it would stand between their siblings and whoever would want to try.   Thanks for the comment ^-^

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I love what you have done here! I do have an "elective" monarchy, but it is a lot more cut-throat than this one XD   I really like the idea of doing these evaluations and people voting based on them. I thought the detail that the second chosen cannot decline was spot on and really interesting.   I think this sentence needs rephrasing "They mysteriously vanished during the dark of night and the city-state slowly disintegrated with their lacking guidance." into:

They mysteriously vanished during the dark of night and the city-state slowly disintegrated lacking their guidance.
They mysteriously vanished during the dark of night and the city-state slowly disintegrated with their lack of guidance.
or something along those lines.

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Thank you, I will look at that soon when I got the time :3

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