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Vanishing of a Leader

A Prophecy of Despair and Ruin

A prophecy first heard hundreds of years before people counted it as fulfilled, many people assumed it concerned the disappearance or sudden death of a great leader into thin air, which would lead a nation and its people to ruin.  

A Grim Future

The prophecy was said by a known Spirit Magic user during a fever dream. Only a few prophecies and foretellings had ever occurred from the mouth of this individual before, but each one had come true. Therefore, the people present made sure to remember and write it down as close to what was originally said, since it could turn out to be important; and most would now say that it did.  

The Prophecy

  Warm, bright and bold a nation will stand,
with a people so brave, ruled by a kind hand,
but at once the hand shall be ripped away,
the land will suffer and the people will sway.  
— the Prophecy as written down by the witnesses

The Fulfilment

Most people see this prophecy as having been fulfilled by the events of 1362 ADF when Isadore Ravenswood and the Court of Isadore vanished overnight without warning. This occurrence is still seen as a mystery to this day, due to the fact that none of the missing people were ever found alive nor dead.  

The Consequences

The prophecy does match up quite well with the way Neklian turned out after Isadore's disappearance. At first, people sought to figure out what happened to their beloved leader and they fought to keep the nation on course. However, this proved difficult since all the people tasked with running the nation were gone. The rest of the people that were left didn't have sufficient knowledge to do the job properly.   Then, little by little, people moved away from the shining city of Neklian, and parts of the city were abandoned and fell into decay. The population declined both due to the efflux of citizens but also due to a lower birthrate.   Now, no one is left in the city but forest critters and Dark Entities roaming at night. The buildings are left to crumble, all overgrown with vines and the mines are left untended.   The light of the shining city of Neklian faded slowly until it was put out once and for all.
Date of First Recording
1097 ADF
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Jul 5, 2021 06:52 by Laure Yates

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