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The people of the Sea

Hanes are an ethnic group found in northern Dysvoll, mainly in Hanalund.   They're direct descendants of Hanones, who were a nomadic people that travelled primarily by sea. The group of Hanones which the Hanes are descendants of, settled down in Hanalund while the rest of their people kept travelling the world.   Their primary language is Hanisk.  

General Appearance

Most people in Hanalund have a deeper skin tone than their neighbours, however, they're still considered light-skinned. Hanes also tend to have freckles.
Common features are straight and slightly wavy hair is most common as well as hazel, brown or dark green eyes. Their hair colours range from dark brown to a deep red.  
Common Phenotypes

Skin Tones

Most common skin tones

Hair colours

Most common hair colours
Firery Orange
Light Caramel
Warm Mid Brown
Warm Dark Brown

Eye colours

Most common eye colours
Deep Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Green

  The people of Bredtkipping and Estratoft are also typically tan, but they're lighter than the Hanes. They often have lighter eyes, both in hues of green, blue and grey. Their hair is also straight or slightly wavy, but they tend to have thicker and more coarse blonde, light brown or fiery red hair.   However, there are still obvious signs that the Hanes is connected to the other two groups, mainly because of how similar the three languages are.
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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