Silla Ravenswood

An inspiring leader

Refined Servant Silla Ravenswood

Silla Ravenswood was a highly respected Refined Servant of Neklian who left a legacy which served as the foundation for the future Neklian. She is the daughter of Lilliana Fosauri and Unea Ravenswood, Unea was the first refined servant and Silla was the second person to bear the title.  
Silla is remembered for taking her fathers ground work for a coherent nation and furthering it in a way that benefited the inhabitants.   She made sure the residents were safe, well fed, happy and that the settlement flourished.


Silla is an outgoing and happy person who loves to be in company with many people and doesn't mind being the center of attention when needed. She's bubbly and positive, but very capable of being serious when the situation calls for it.  
Silla has always been a very passionate and caring person, but she doesn't take well to being betrayed. She can be just as walled off and cold as she is positive and outgoing, if she needs to protect herself.
Unea Ravenswood
She's often described as level headed and strong under pressure. Her defining trait according to her family is her compassion for others.   As a leader, she was resolute to make Neklian for the people and not solely for those who led it.

Family life

The life of Silla wasn't exactly easy, she had lots to decide and much to take care of. However, one aspect of her life was quite peaceful and that was her homelife and childhood. She got alogn quite well with both her mother, father, brother and sister as well as her grandmother.  


Both of her parents put in a lot of thought into how they were going to raise their children. They wanted to protect them as much as possible, but not shelter them.  
Her parents also made sure to involve the community in their childhood the same way they had been involved when Unea was raised.   Unea chose to do this as that had created a bond between him and the people that he thought to be very beneficial when he became the leader.
My parents were very kind in their way of raising us. We were treated as people and not just children. Many others had the view of "because I said so". It really shaped us and helped us to understand motives and reasons for actions.
— Silla


Silla was not a single child, rather she grew up in a lively household where both her biological siblings and the rest of the town's children acted as one big family. Her own siblings were named Ifera Ravenswood and Julius Ravenswood. Julius was born 3 years before Silla and Ifera was born 4 years after.   Silla got along quite well with her siblings. Her and her older brother looked after Ifera a lot when she was younger, and made sure to play with her even though they were both grown out of the age where they had fun with play pretend. She had many long talks with Julius, where they both learnt a lot from one another. Silla had a lot of empathy for everyone, but she was too naive to see through people lies. Julius helped her learn how to discern between different intentions and Silla slowly helped him become more ephathetic towards others.  
Silla and her little sister also got along well. They shared the interest of sculpting and created many pieces while working besides one another but also created some sculptures together.   Ifera ended up pursuing arts as her way in life and credited her innitial interest in both sculpting and painting to Silla.
My sister deserved every ounce of praise she has ever gotten. I am so impressed with her, both as a person and a leader she is a shining example of what humanity has to offer of good things.
Ifera Ravenswood
  Both Julius and Ifera voiced their support of Silla becoming the next refined servant after their father, as they believed she would be the one to steer Neklian in the right direction.
Earth Gold
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Other Ethnicities/Cultures
897 ADF 972 ADF 75 years old
Light green
Dark brown, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium brown
Aligned Organization

Refined Servant
Rank/Title | Jul 21, 2021

The Refined Servant is the title of the leader of Neklian. Meant to reflect that the leader leads for their people and not for their own gain.



  Silla has the Earth Mark just like her father and is therefore able to do magic.   She was especially skilled in earth magic but also learned some fire magic from her mother.  
Organization | Dec 13, 2021

Neklian was an influential city state located in the Ellecran Forest in Dysvoll, but the town lay in ruins after the mysterious and sudden disappearance of the ruling court.

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