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High Fae

The Rulers of the Fae

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The High Fae are a collection of Fae who govern over the remaining inhabitants of the Fae Realms. Each fae type has a High Fae who overlooks what happens in the respective realms which they govern.  
The old High Fae was much more understanding, less strict and overall a good woman.   But this one...   He might be of her brood, but to even compare him to his mother is to do her legacy wrong and taint the memories of her. He is nothing but unjust and unruly, always on the warpath. He fits perfectly into the stereotypical image of the evil Dark Fae.

Individual Titles

There are 7 different High Fae at any given time unless something has gone wrong. One High Fae for each type of Fae and Primal Elements. The High Fae like to distinguish themselves, since they're all unique, and therefore some choose to add something to their title. Other Fae might also just add it to the title in conversation to show added respect.   Most High Fae are usually referred to by their title as well as their primal element. That means the the High Fae of the Dark Fae would usually be referred to as Dark High Fae and the High Fae of the Light Fae is referred to as Light High Fae. Either that or High Fae of the Light and High Fae of the Dark. The second version is more formal, but most who are close to the High Fae will use the first version.  

Gaining the Title

The title of High Fae is hereditary and is as such usually inherited through family ties. The most common way of passing on the title is to choose one of the offspring of the High Fae. This is done by the leader themselves. There are no rules as to whether the new High Fae needs to be first-born, last-born, or any specific gender.   It all comes down to which child is seen as most fit to rule as well as which one has the best relationship to their parent. Often, the High Fae chooses their favourite child, even though they might not be the one who is most fit to lead. However, there is no rule against this.  
The only reason he was chosen over me is because he was such a suck-up. He always was, right from the beginning!   cleaning Mother's room does not qualify one to be the High Fae, but whatever.
— Sibling to a newly-
appointed High Fae
Though it's most common to see a parent pass the title on to their child, it's not unheard of, that a High Fae passes the torch to a close companion, friend or trusted advisor instead.   Each of the 7 Royal Clans has their way of passing the title along, but it usually stays within the family.
Whenever it is not passed down to a relative, most of the Fae World is in uproar, because they believe the title can only be held by one who's ancestors were blessed by the Old Fae.
Nobility, Hereditary
Still in Effect
Source of Authority
Blood-ties to one of the 7 who were blessed by the Old Fae
Length of Term
From crowning until death or until the High Fae decides to abdicate
Reports directly to
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All Current High Fae

Arch High Fae
Rank/Title | Jul 22, 2022

The one Fae who rules them all. Only High Fae can be promoted to the status of Arch High Fae.

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Dec 18, 2019 15:31 by Tobias Linder

You do mention genders. How similar are the fae to "humans"? Are they basically magical humans (or elves?) or how much do they differ?   You also mention the "realms". Do they live in a different plane or are they part of the same world as everyone else?