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Arch High Fae

The Ruler of Rulers and Leader of Leaders

the title of Arch High Fae is the highest rank within Fae society. The Arch High Fae can only be chosen from the 7 High Fae, and is the leader of the court known as the High Fae Court. The other courts are operated like nations, whereas the High Fae court is a union where laws can be made and implemented into all 7 of the other courts.  
However, this does not mean that the Arch High Fae is like an emperor because they aren't. They are simply the leaders of the union who oversee the other High Fae.   The Arch High Fae cannot make decisions on their own without the 6 other High Fae.
Being the Arch High Fae is hard work.   You have to manage your own domains, keep your subjects happy as well as avoid assassination attempts from your family and the other High Fae. Tough business.

History of the Title

The title is quite recent, especially when compared to the title of High Fae. It wasn't seen until after the Fae signed the Treaty of Kloevendal in 1392 after The Thousand Year War. The treaty included the demand of some sort of organization in which the seven Fae types worked together and ensured peace. This ended in the forming of the High Fae Court and the making of the Arch High Fae title.   The title has been in effect ever since and has been filled out almost constantly. However, there have been short periods where no one held the title. This was because the seven High Fae could not agree on which one of them should take the mantle. One needs the backing of at least half of the other High Fae, but it happens that multiple people have 2 supporters and some 1.  
In some ways, I'd expected another war to appear as soon as the concept of Arch High Fae was broached. Fae royalty do not like to be told someone else is worth as much as them...   Luckily this hasn't happened yet.   Yet!
— citizen of the Fire Realms
Nobility, Hereditary
Still in Effect
Source of Authority
From the other 6 High Fae and the remaining people in the High Fae Court
Length of Term
As long as the person is backed by at least 3 of the other 6 High Fae
High Fae
Rank/Title | Jun 5, 2020

The ruler of one of the types of Fae.

Selection Process

There is a process when electing a new Arch High Fae. It takes quite a long time to select someone new to the role. This is because the Fae agree that such a decision should not be rushed. The right leader has to be found and they have to be sure it's someone who can stomach the many responsibilities and someone who has the right visions for the union and the Fae.
The selection of a new Arch High Fae is always exciting.   But it's also nervewracking. At any moment, one of them could get so angry that they declare war, and then we're right back to where we were before the treaty.
— Fae citizen
Selection Progress Details


To be eligible for the role of Arch High Fae, one must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Be a Fae. Both parents have to be Fae as well, no human-fae hybrids are allowed.
  • Have been a High Fae for at least 15 years.
  • Be at least 50 years of age.
  A person who meets the above qualifications would still be able to be disqualified due to any of the following conditions:
  • If the person has ever been convicted of treason against the High Fae Court or against any of the other courts.
  • A person cannot be elected more than 4 times.


When someone new has to be elected, there is an entire campaign process. This is where the High Fae present their mission, vision and values. The campaign period lasts for 70 to 140 days. The seven High Fae travel around together and have to stay the same amount of days in each of the seven realms.
Step Length in Days
Campaign Days Total 70-140 days
Campaign Days Per High Fae 10-20 days
Period between Campaign end and Election Day 20-40 days
  When they are in a specific realm, the leader of that realm has their shot to convince the other High Fae to vote for them. After the period has ended, the High Fae set a date which has to be 20 to 40 days after the campaign-period ended. This is the day of the election.  


The election happens within the throne room of the Arch High Fae. This throne room is placed on neutral ground in a realm that belongs to the High Fae Court.  

Isolation and Protection

When the day arrives and the Arch High Fae has to be elected, the seven High Fae lock themselves into the Throne Room of a Thousand Trees. Usually, the High Fae of the Earth Fae will close off the open throne room with vines or the High Fae of the Light Fae or Dark Fae will make an impenetrable shield.   Then the voting commences. There is an enchantment placed on the throne-room which ensures that no one can be harmed in there during the election.

Vote Majority

To be elected, a person needs to have at least 3 others vote for them. A person has one vote no matter what (each person "vote" for themselves) and then they also have one vote to give out.   This means that one would need four votes to be elected. However, this is the minimum requirement and if two candidates have more than four votes, the one with the most votes are elected.


The voting works in a way so that it is impossible to cheat. Each inscribes their vote with the use of their Primal Element so that no one else in the room could have written it. (Each of the High Fae belongs to one of the seven Primal Elements, none of them has the same.  
Then, when they have all cast their vote, the inscriptions are revealed and counted. If someone wins the vote, they are sworn in right then and there and all of the other High Fae have to vow that they will not harm them and that they will follow them.   If none of the seven has enough votes, they have to hold mini-campaigns and vote again. This is repeated until someone wins. You cannot vote for yourself.   The longest voting period in history was the second voting ever in 1498, where they deliberated, campaigned and voted for 264 days before coming to a conclusion. Luckily, the general length of the voting is only around 2-15 days.
There are two types of votes: locked votes and unlocked votes.   Locked votes are, as the name suggests, locked. Each of the seven has a vote from the beginning (the one they would have had if they could've voted for themselves.) This vote changes nothing, it's a formality to ensure that no one gets zero votes.   Unlocked votes are the ones given on the day. Each of the seven has one unlocked vote. This vote can be given to anyone but themselves.


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