Throne Room of a Thousand Trees

The Throne of the Fae

The Throne Room of a Thousand Trees is one of the most important locations in the Fae Realms. The throne is only ever used in ceremonies, important diplomatic meetings and festivities. At all other times, the High Fae Court and the Arch High Fae use a nearby location, which is both more private and less lavish.  
It may be called the Throne Room of a Thousand Trees, but it doesn't have walls. Instead, the trees and their roots form the walls around the room.   There's no real sealing, only the endless skies and the tree crowns.
— Member of the High Fae Court

History of the Throne

The throne room has existed for many years but was first but to use a couple of years after the Treaty of Kloevendal was signed in 1392. However, the throne has first been recorded in literature over eight thousand years earlier. Most Fae scholars agree that the throne was originally made by the Old Fae and most found it fitting that it would be used as a symbol of the new alliance between the fae.  


The throne is carved from a giant tree trunk, which was at least three hundred years old when it was used for the throne.
  The throne has twigs growing behind the backrest with vines and flowers decorating them. It also has multiple carvings and details which symbolize the seven different elements, fae and magic types.   The most obvious is the one placed on the backrest, which is an assortment of gemstones. They're all colour coded and arranged in the same pattern as most illustrations depicting the Fae Marks. The throne is also adorned with multiple golden details on the armrest, front and backrest.
Fae Marks Gold
by Ninne124
Fae Throne
Throne of a Thousand Trees by Ninne124
Alternative Names
The Fae Throne
Throne of the High Fae
Throne of a Thousand Trees
Room, Hall, Throne Room
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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