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Prime Shadow

Leader of the Shadows

The Prime Shadow is the leader of a military intelligence group known as the Alahon Shadow Guard. The Prime shadow is a highly trained individual who has worked for other Fae Guards around the Fae Realms or even in the general fae military.  

Election of the Prime Shadow

To become Prime Shadow, one has to meet certain requirements and qualifications. Furthermore, the individual needs to be instated by the Arch High Fae with the support of the rest of the High Fae.  

Requirements and Qualifications

To become the leader of the shadow guard, the individual must have served more than 10 years in the unit, and still be an active member at the time of being elected.   If one has been away from the shadow guard after being a member for 10 or more years, 5 years of service is sufficient to qualify for the position. As long as they pass certain tests to determine if their level of skill is great enough.  

Previous Requirements Already Met

Requirements for becoming a Shadow Guard also applies, though they will have been met at the time of being elected to the Shadow Guard. These requirements include more than 30 years service in either military units or guard units of one of the High Fae.   If they have been out of service for longer than 5 years, or they are required to have another 10 years of experience after their break and still be in service up until becoming a part of the Shadow Guard.  

Duties and Responsibilities

The Prime Shadow leads the Alahon Shadow Guard and is responsible for planning operations as well as training and preparing the members for said operations.   Furthermore, he is also the one who reports important knowledge gained to the High Fae Council as well as deliberate with the council over what to do next. The Prime Shadow must not go ahead with bigger operations without consulting the Arch High Fae first.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Still in Effect
1482 ADF
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Until deceased or deemed unfit and replaced
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

It is not easy being the Prime Shadow. However, it is necessary and highly crucial that we have this individual within our ranks.   The Prime Shadow will save all of our lives countless times, with the work carried out in the Alahon Shadow Guard.
Celtin Nirmaris, former Arch High Fae

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