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Alahon Shadow Guard

Those who listen from the shadows

The Alahon Shadow Guard, also referred to as the ASG by some, is a group of highly skilled intelligence agents. The unit works for the High Fae Court and was first instated 103 years ago, the same year High Court was formed as a result of the Treaty of Kloevendal.  

Manpower and Hierachy

The Shadow Guard is comprised of twenty-one members. Twenty of the members are the so-called Shadow Guards and the last is the leader of the squad. The twenty Shadow Guards are specialized in different types of surveillance strategies and ways of obtaining intelligence.  

The Leader of the Guard

The leader is referred to as Prime Shadow and is instated by the Arch High Fae. However, the other members of the high court need to be involved in the decision as well. There are certain expectations that have to be met before an individual can be a part of the Shadow Guard and even higher requirements to be met to become the leader.  


Experience is needed within other court guards, whether it be in the general military or a specific guard in one of the Fae Realms matters not. However, the individual must not have any reprimands on their record or any other failures recorded.  

General Experience Needed

An individual needs to have served more than 30 years in either military units or guard units of one of the High Fae. Furthermore, they cannot have been out of service for more than 5 years, or they are required to have another 10 years of experience after their break.  

To Become Prime Shadow

To become the leader of the shadow guard, someone has to meet the requirements listed above. Furthermore, they must have served more than 10 years ion the Shadow Guard already. Exceptions can be made in the event that a Prime Shadow dies unexpectedly and leaves the squad with no leader.
1392 ADF
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The Shadow Guards receive extensive training when first joining the group.   This includes training in martial arts, disguise, assuming new identities, blending in in any given situation and how to escalate and escape if they are discovered.   Intensive training is required for the first 6 and a half months after the member has joined the shadow guard.   Afterwards, members receive additional training every other year, where they have 3 weeks of intensive training.

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