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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world.
A total of 393 entries

The Evergrace Combat Geology Core

Paladin: Rank 1 (Paladin Of The Holy Church)

woubl mirs /ˈwaʊbl mɪɹz/ or dragon guard

The Noble Guard of the Charter Rock

The Royal Army Healers (RAHs)

The Naeron Hammerstriker Regiment

Lekkênjin Doppelgängers

The Three or the Thane's Guard

SC2020 - Roling Reactor Guardians (RRG)

The Asteroid Inspection Service

Enhanced Special Response Team

Incident Reconnaissance Unit

Nocturnal Unit (Snake Unit)

Salzspeererei von Salzküste

The Paladins of Gwandrin

Dolphin Special Operation Corps

The Adjarii - Wardens of the Prophets

His Majesty's Cavalry, First Horsemen Regiment

Crown Guard of Veterzemlya [WASC2020]

Mantis Warriors -- (Modular, multiple worlds)

Ucrua's Infamous Magnesium Men

Supernatural Threat Acquisition Response Team (START)

The Imperial Order of the Ruby Rod: The Witchhunters

Storm Lancers {Suranthi 2nd Brigade}

Mount Forge Protection Force

Basooč Ošin, Golem Technicians

Prompt 15: Thunder Wolves Mercenaries

Gaš Sakal - The Beast Warriors

The Second Artillery Brigade of the Lonely Delve

Vanoraxian Polar Expeditionary Marines

The Pinecone Trackers - Troop 002

Acolytes of the Mornign Lord

Die Feuerleoparden - Glutzwerge bei den Thursen