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S.T.O.P Brigade

"So you wanna become part of the S.T.O.P Brigade, do ya? You gotta be under four and a half feet tall to ride this train, bud."
— An unknown member of S.T.O.P

A Tall Request

  The S.T.O.P Brigade, also known as the Shortstops, are a special armed force unit comprised exclusively of the Kanen and Vire of the Golden Depths.   While height is not specifically a requirement for joining the S.T.O.P Brigade, all current members are below four and a half feet tall, leading most people to believe that it is a legitimate requirement. There is, however, an official application process to become part of the Brigade, including a grueling seventy four hours of extreme testing, including that of ones patience.  

Accomplished in short order

  The Brigade is renowned for their ability to go into troublesome situations and defuse them relatively quickly, though they tend not to side completely with overwhelming displays of violence nor diplomacy past the point of reason. One of the main reasons for their high level of success in their missions is because of the equipment afforded to them by a member of the Brigade only known as the G.   The G is shrouded in secrecy and is responsible for developing the gear of the Brigade, guaranteeing efficacy, portability, and utility throughout their missions. While the identity of the G is never known while they are active, past Gs have revealed themselves by accident. One of the more prominent Gs was a Kanen by the name of Boteal Anvilbuckle, mostly due to the fact that he was a Kanen holding the position of G.
Special Forces
Assumed Veterancy


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