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The Golden Depths

The Golden Depths is named so after the wealth found in the mountains, as well as the wealth of creativity and ingenuity that has been fostered and cared for within the city.  


Deep within the Durn Mountains is where the Golden Depths is located, where the natural riches and warmth makes for the perfect place for Kanen and Vire to collaborate with each other.   The Golden Depths was founded by the Kanen King Stornas Thundersword and the renowned Vire inventor Dizzi Glitterboom, who funded the initial expedition into the Durn Mountains. That initial expedition is what led to the finding of the natural resources within the Mountains, and was seen as a boon to be utilized by the world. From this discovery, the Golden Depths was created, with Kanen and Peri flocking to the Mountains.  

Unexpected Results

Before the new arrival of what would be the population of the beginning of the Golden Depths, Dizzi Glitterboom had a small accident with a device she called "The Boom-boom Stick". This accident claimed no lives but did destroy a significant portion of the cave system that was being explored by the expedition. However, it destroyed it in an odd fashion, as it left all the ores within the stone floating for several moments before gently lowering them down to the new floor of the cavern.  

The Depths

The Golden Depths are arranged in an odd fashion, with three intersecting circles, with the marketplace being at the intersection of all three, called the Point. The exterior sections are called Outsides, with the count starting at the top left and moving clockwise. These belong to certain professions. The First Outside belongs to the mining and smithing professions, the Second Outside belongs to the crafters and artisans, and the Third Outside belongs to other professions, like bookbinders and leatherworkers.   The sections of the circles that intersect only with a single other circle are called the Insides, following the same clockwise rotation in count, with the First Inside holding the majority of Guilds that establish a presence in the Golden Depths. The Second Inside holds the political parties of the Depths, where they stay and hold their bimonthly meetings about affairs of the city. The Third Inside holds the military for the Depths, their training grounds and barracks, as well as other necessities.   Spread throughout each of these sections are taverns, inns, pubs, and a multitude of necessary places for everyday living, and craftsmen may also work and live in areas outside their appointed section for convenience of others, but they must procure a Writ of Allowance from the Governance Council before doing so. As well as this, each section has its own housing for the people within it.
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I really like the detail on the city's layout, makes it much easier to visualize

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Glad you like it!

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I am so glad you took that name and RAN with it. x] You mention the wealth found within - what ores exactly did they find? I'd be curious to know more on that one!

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Gold, platinum, iron, copper, the usual kinds of stuff, and ethaerium!

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Dizzi Glitterboom, hero of the Eight Lands! (Sort of!)

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So the boom-boom like gets rid of stone and leaves just the ores? That is INCREDIBLY useful!