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The Recovery Wave

(Legacy Content)
The Recovery Wave is a military formation devised and created by each of the four noble houses in Tyrralore for their respective Tyrralorean Defense Initiatives, designed to follow after the main battle lines have routed an enemy in an effort to perform recovery tasks. These tasks included recovering wounded personnel, lost equipment of both allies and enemies, capturing hostiles as prisoners of war, and finally culling any and all forms of Doeveiga that may have risen after the fighting died down. Given the often bloody and gruesome nature of the work done by the Recovery Wave, most of its operations were discontinued after the unification of Tyrralore due to the policies of Regulus Vaikyn - especially towards Doeveiga.



The Recovery Wave included usually no more than one-thousand individuals with a variety of professions, most of which being normal soldiers to escort the support personnel and cull found Doeveiga, but a large portion being engineers and medical personnel. The engineers would be specialized for collecting and commandeering acquired or retaken equipment, and the medical personnel would be specialized for treating wounded personnel and diagnosing various types of Demora.


Typically, the Recovery Wave is armed with standard P.U.L.S.E Weaponry designed for infantry battalions, alongside numerous transport and communication vehicles, medical and engineering equipment, and direct access to supply lines.


Members of the Recovery Wave had to be exceptionally mentally conditioned due to the typically inhumane actions carried out by its constituents. Aside from the mental aspects, combat training for this support battalion was usually very similar to the training received by frontline units of the Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, alongside the standard engineering and specialized medical training required by the support personnel.



Due to the relatively inexpensive nature of modern Tyrralorean industry, and the safety of positioning afforded to the Recovery Wave, the resulting maintenance costs of the division as a whole is relatively low at around one-million Sanctums per year for full upkeep. This is including the higher than average pay that Recovery Wave members receive to uphold their doctrine.


During its heyday, and even more so in recent decades, the Recovery Wave's brutal tasks have garnered it a well preceding reputation. When someone is found to of worked in the Recovery Wave, they are not met as heroes of the nation - as much as the advertising might suggest - but rather are shunned for going through with their monstrous actions. This fact alone may be the cause for the higher than average pay for all those participating in the Recovery Wave compared to other divisions.
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