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Paladin Order

A blinding column of light slammed into the malformed creation. A horrendous screech rose above all other noise, and the light vanished, leaving behind only a pile of bones.
Torverath - sun.png
The Paladin Order is an elite force from Torverath trained in divine magic and area spells. Torverath's dependence on and alliance with Salaris means the Paladin Order is called upon as needed by the Salarian military and leadership, though in practice, this rarely occurs.   Paladins are capable of harnassing divine magic for offensive spells, often can perform minor healing, and cast area spells that boost surrounding units, for example, by increasing courage, ferocity, or vitality. In addition, they are highly trained in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat.   These units are regularly used for defense of the city-state, temples, and other religious sites. When deployed, they travel with their own unit of healers.



I was done for. I knew it, deep down. But then a sense of determination stole over me, followed by a sort of battle lust. I'd never felt anything like it, but it saved my life that day.
— Soldier of Salaris
  The most valued skill of the Paladins is to boost confidence and energy levels of other units on the field of battle. In many ways, just their presence is enough to accomplish this. The glint of their sun-blazoned armor emboldens many before any spell has been cast.   Paladins do rely on a variety of spells, however, to bolster the odds of success in battle for themselves and for others. Typically, each paladin within a unit specializes in one particular area spell.   In battle, most Paladin units utilize a direct attack, driving into enemy territory ahead of other units.


Paladins undergo extensive training in both combat and magic. This training extends well beyond their induction into the order, and becomes a way of life for them, when they're not guarding the Torverath and her temples.   Paladins are specifically trained to counter necromancy spells and creations.



Paladins are recruited from Torverath and Salaris, and must have at least mid-level magical ability and meet basic education requirements.   Ability to produce magic light is preferred, as are strengths in defensive magic and area spells.

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The Paladin Order look to the Paladin Shield portion of the Goddess Constellation as a reminder of the never-ending need to protect others  
Goddess Constellation
Geographic Location | Jul 30, 2020

The Goddess watches over us all

Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 29, 2020

Magic is a natural form of energy on Valayo


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