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Among the Duron, a strong and hardy sea-faring race, members of the community work together for the protection of all. All able-bodied citizens of Seafoam are required to train in a military formation called an Ibumanzi.   Those who prove themselves to have exceptional combat skills may be called by their leader to be a Hai [HIGH]—or ‘shark’/predator.

Purpose of the Hai

The Duron are know for their prowess in marine combat. With a majority of a population that has rarely if ever set foot on dry land—‘sea legs’ are second nature. Moving in ways seeming to defy gravity or the laws of motion, the Ibumanzi are a force to be feared.   Even greater are those trained in the art of ‘skinning’.   This is the task of dismantling a watercraft while the battle rages above, or in the darkest night, while the enemy believes their vessel tosses safely upon the waves of the deep ocean.   This is when the teeth of the Hai sink deep.    

Skill Set

Those chosen to join the Hai have an advanced talent for swimming. Lung strength, such as deep diving and being able to hold ones breath for five minutes or more, are critical to avoid detection—as well as stealth over long distances.   Among the Hai is a special ‘awareness’, a natural sense of the moving world around them, central to their own survival. This allows a Hai to go virtually undetected when both approaching and attacking a vessel.   Tactical strategics are trained in the art of damaging and even sinking enemy vessels through a myriad of methods.    

Tool Set

Hai have a a small set of specific tools used, depending upon the mission at hand.  


The most common tool are ‘teeth’, which are, literally teeth from a shark, embedded into a piece of driftwood and laced to their palms. Not only are these powerful weapons int he hands of a grappler (especially under water), but they serve the purpose of ‘biting’ into a vessels skin. This is used to ride through the water and scale the side of ships to get on deck.  


A small pouch of Caims is always to be found with a Hai.   Found in the icy coral reefs, this rare and unusual parasite encapsulates itself in a tough shell roughly the size of a thumbnail. Once broken, the Caim seeks to feast in an attempt to rejuvenate from its dormant state.   Unfortunately, the Caim thrives in very few places within the sea, because its preferred food is driftwood and can be found consuming wreckage on the sea floor. Luckily, the Hai provide the opportunity for Caim to feasting upon wood of enemies.   Though the parasite does take days to affect a ship of size, the warmer the waters, the faster it spreads.  


Crafted by Soot and Sinew (the apothecary of Seafoam), a Hai will have some form of explosive when given a task. This varies according to the skill of the apothecary themself—but it often includes a ‘devils lick’—or waterproof incendiary weapon.

Hai Statistics

Number per Ibumanzi:


Specialize in:

Hand to Hand combat
Unarmed combat
Underwater combat
Riding (using teeth to attach to the hull)

Common Tactic

Hai are known to attach themselves to a vessel if the prowess of an enemy rivals the resources of the Duron.   If an enemy is able to flee the fight, Hai will 'bite' into a vessel, ride it silently as they 'skin' the hull. If a rudder can be disabled or locked, a Hai will perform this task once the hull has either been breached or set to decay (as with Caims).

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