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Skirting outside society’s norm is a strong and noble people, riding the waves of the sea in an attempt to build a life free of restrictions, containers, and undue influence.   The Duron.   Masters of Sword & Sea, this sun-kissed people are the oldest sea-faring race of record—dating back to Heavens Gate and the very first aquatic conflicts against Mahan.   Unbeknownst to most Humans, the Duron have been a silent key to the balance and advancement of both trade and medicine.


There is nothing more important to a Duronian than freedom. The ability to come and go as one pleases and to apply ones own breath and sweat to a challenge of choosing. Which is why the society of Seafoam is so revered by outsiders. Nothing is done by ‘compulsory’ means, but instead loyalty is nurtured through sacrifice, friendship and service.    

Structure & Law

Seafood and the Duronians are lead by an ‘Istan’ or father. Though Duron law says any worthy male may be chosen from a family by the voice of the people once an Istan has passes to the water spirits—one family has held the trust of the people.   The descendants of Istan-Cal.   Life on the open sea is both dangerous and isolating—which has encouraged society to prioritize both beliefs and individual will. Istan-Cal sacrificed his whole life, both working an encouraging his people to exist as an integrated family.   Laws and decisions are made as a whole—each family bringing their views to their father, and each father then bringing their vote to their father—to meet with the Istan.   All decisions which affect Durons as a whole, are made by a majority voice of the people.    

Ultimate Nomads

The Duron are the only people we know of who live the whole of their lives upon the water, constantly in motion. The giant floating city of Seafoam has existed in one form or another since before The Great Sundering, and supports untold thousands of people.   Using Heavens Gate as their guide, the Duron follow the world migration of deep sea turtles, wandering the oceans of the world, hunting and gathering at various locations according to season.    

A Name is Not Just a Name

A name to a Duron is a reflection of both who they are as an individual, a family and a people, as well as who they aspire to become. Many names are isolated to a particular family and cannot be used by another branch without the consent of the Istan.   Another aspect of names among this people is the absence of the same name among the living in a single family. Once an individual has died, a name may then be used again—honoring those who have gone on before. It is important to note here that is is the mothers right to bestow the birth-name upon her child, according to her own desire and/or inspiration.    


With the exception of leadership and those strong enough to win a place among the Rimriders, dress is not important and holds no sway upon the hearts of this people. Thus any form of clothing that will protect the skin in the blistering sun and keep one warm during the open winter is sought after and used.  
“To be covered is to be blessed, but to be dressed and dry is a waste of strength.”
— Duronian proverb

The Duron


Average Height:

5' 10"

Average Weight:

Male: 180lbs
Female: 135lbs  

Current Location:

unknonwn (mobile)  





Famous For:

World Navigation
• Initiating Letter of Recommendation
• Aquatic Warefare
• Creation of Lapse
• Hunting Ravosta  


Unlike interactions among foreigners, the Duron trades in word among its own people.   A conversation is had as to what both parties desire from one another. In this it is the nature to seek the happiness and security of others, which has, over time, encouraged greater trading, for none need fear of their own needs not being met.   When the agreement is considered fair and profitable to both, the right hand is placed upon the chest of the other. Both then take turns stating out loud what they will do for the other. This ‘heart-to-heart’ gesture is literally translated as, ‘as my chest beats, I will fulfill my word’.   When a word is fulfilled, the contract is severed by a hug and the loud praises to the community, “Look what my brother (or sister) has done for me!” This seals the reputation and increases the value of one’s word among the community, validating individuals in the eyes of others.   Even little children are encouraged and guided in this process, starting as early as eight years old.   Those who do not fulfill their word are often chastised and even rejected by most members of the community—and the path back to trust is a long one.  


Love & War

There are none more fierce or skilled upon the waters than the Duron.   Masters of sword and sea, their Rimriders are able to use both stealth and skill to board virtually any sea-faring vessel at will.   ...and should any foe be found to be more than a Duron can handle on foot--beware the open waters--for a Rimrider will cast themselves into the ocean, pulling his foe with him. With the skills of a shark and the breath capacity of a turtle, only one will come back up for air.   On the flip side--the Duron have mastered the harvesting of an extremely rare chemical found only in sea turtles of a mature age. This chemical, which aids the creature in slowing its own heart beat down to once every nine minutes, is what creates Lapse.   It's curious to note here that the Duron have become so good at this harvesting--and with their migrational patterns mimicking the sea turtles themselves, have been able to control over 60% of the worlds trade in this one drug. What makes matters worse, is that no apothecary has been able to duplicate the power or purity of a Duron drug.   Not even close.

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Nice proverb, and interesting naming techniques - I need to read up on them and see how they communicate :)

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INTERESTING FACT: Samoan's treat their names with great respect just as the Duron do.   For my own kids to be named, we had to get permission out of respect.   Thanks for the comment CQ!

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