The Nameless

For all intents and purposes, the Nameless do not exist.   However, if they were to exist, they would be a highly specialised unit of assassins, spies and undercover agents reporting directly to the Lord Protector. But that's beside the point, since they don't.



A unit made up of such highly specialised individuals doesn't need to be large, and it is in their best interest to remain invisible. Thus, there are only a certain number of Nameless operatives in the Protectorate's employ at any one time. What that number is, only the Lord Protector knows.


Equipment varies depending on the mission. Each operative has their own favourite tools for each type of job, however, they are all provided with the very best such tools the Protectorate can offer them.   For example, one mission may require an evening dress and a sharp memory while another would require the operative to scale walls or quickly get rid of a body. Thus, equipment, weapons and armour are often procured and distributed on a mission-by-mission basis.



Members of the Nameless are handpicked from other military units when a recruit with the right skill- and mindset is discovered. Though not all Nameless come from within the Protectorate's military structure. On several occasions, recruits have been procured from other spheres of society after being deemed to possess a particularly useful set of skills for a certain job or situation. These recruits become part of the Nameless on occasion, however, in most instances, they are hired for one job only and never know who they're working for. Those that are chosen to join receive the appropriate training once they have been sworn in.   Those who join the Nameless forfeit their names, identities and possessions in order to be able to take on any role, any job, anywhere. Often this is hard. Sometimes family members swear they glimpsed a deceased loved one, even though that's surely not possible. Almost never, does anyone leave the Nameless alive.
Covert Ops
Overall training Level


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