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The Crimson Ves'a

The Crimson Ves'a is the most famous creche in the Brotherhood of Shadow. Part of The Shadow Brothers, the six goblins of the ves'a are infamous for their lethality. Led by the notorious killer Rakkar the Bloody, the Crimson Ves'a have carved their way into an almost celebrity status among goblins. They are responsible for the death of many notorious tyrants as well as countless elves during IW2.

The six goblins of the Crimson Ves'a are as follows; Kax'Ves Rakkar the Bloody; The leader of the Ves'a on account of the fact that he is more mature, experienced, and tough than the rest of them. Rakkar, a Kaxgoblin, is ruthless to his enemies, and merciless to those who cross him, but is exceptionally compassionate and gentle around children. Rakkar refuses to do wetwork on children and due to the Crimson Ves'as relationship with the Grandfather of Shadows, it is unlikely he'll ever have to.
Roog and Ruug; The venngoblin twins, Roog and Ruug are the only survivors of their childhood ves'a. Though it is never spoken of, and good luck to you if you bring it up, it is readily believed by the Shadow Brothers that the twins killed their ves'a over some insult or disgrace to the warren (cannibalism is thrown around). It is worth your life to pressure them on it, but if you avoid that subject, the twins are big, cuddly, worgs. The twins will follow Rakkar anywhere and it seems that they owe him some sort of life debt, which no one has brought up with them because Rakkar is simply not approachable on private affairs, and everyone thinks it has something to do with the childhood incident, and well...
Samda the Silent; Samda is called the silent because he failed the Muk-ah Tal Muk by answering truthfully about Surri. Instead of accepting his disgrace, Samda vowed that if they forgave him, he would never speak actual words again, and to prove himself he took one of the ritual razors and carved his own tongue out of his mouth. Ghost was impressed with this show of loyalty and strength and allowed his Ves'a to forgive him and welcome him as a brother.
Trevir Coldheart; Trevir is ip-ara'dare but suffers greatly from a mental illness that afflicts most goblins, he is a psychopath. Thanks to the Ves'a Formation Ritual, Trevir is bonded emotionally to his Ves'a, but without Rakkar to guide him, there would be a virtual ocean of dead bodies, of those who have crossed him.
Vesya Surri; And that leaves the vesya, Surri. Surri is a bar'tor and a Telepath as well as being a Dread Psion. Don't let his small size and youth fool you, Surri is a deadly assassin who can telepathically make you kill yourself.



As a Ves'a, this group contains six members.


The Crimson Ves'a wear the uniform of a Shadow Brother, however instead of black, the Crimson Ves'a armour is blood red. Aside from that, they use the highest quality gear and their armour, Iklwas and Ngombe Ngulu are highly magical


The Crimson Ves'a uses magical versions of the Goblin Iklwa and Goblin Ngulu, they also often use high quality bows and crossbows.


The command structure of the Crimson Ves'a goes;
and Surri


The six goblins of the Crimson Ves'a are among the highest trained and experienced Brothers of the Fraternity. When they are not on a mission, they are constantly honing their skills as both a solo killer and group hunter.


Logistical Support

Due to their elite nature, the Crimson Ves'a is fully supported by the Organization and can call upon an astounding amount of resources


The history of the Crimson Ves'a is shrouded in mystery, not many are familiar with the exacts of their exploits. What is known is that they have killed countless elves and many Fomorian tyrants in the years since they were formed and the ves'a is a well oiled killing machine.

Historical loyalties

The loyalties of the Crimson Ves'a have never been in question.
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8th of 10th Month, 359 FtF
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