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The Kax'Ves or High Sibling is the leader of a Ves'a of, usually, five other goblins. The Kax'Ves is the final authority when it comes to decisions about the ves'a, provided his superiors don't overrule him. In a social ves'a, the kax'ves is always the oldest or biggest, usually the oldest. In a professional ves'a, the kax'ves is appointed by the Vee and is usually the most experienced.


To qualify as Kax'Ves, the Ves must be the oldest/biggest/most experienced of his ves'a


Ideally, the kax'ves is tougher/smarter than the rest of their ves'a. but the only requirement is that they are either the biggest or the oldest, or both.


In a social ves'a, the kax'ves is chosen when the ves'a is formed by default (the largest or oldest). In a professional ves'a, the kax'ves is chosen by the superior to the ves'a (vee, raa'toka, or kax'vee).


The kax'ves is responsible for the actions of his ves'a. Their screw ups are his screw ups, and in ves'as, the higher the blade of grass the more it is cut. So punishments towards the ves'a are more severe for the kax'ves. For this reason, the kax'ves often keeps a tight leash on his ves'a.


Responsibilities of the kax'ves depend on whether or not it is a professional or social ves'a. In a social ves'a, the kax'ves leads the others in daily activities, from school to chores to play time until the ves'a are all adults. When that occurs, the kax'ves becomes responsible for the well-being, happiness and prosperity of the ves'a (until then it was the Kax'Vee's job). In a professional ves'a, the kax'ves is responsible for leading the ves'a in their assigned tasks and is also responsible for their productivity and carrying out any disciplinary actions handed down by the Vee/Raa'toka.


Just as the tall grass gets mowed, the tall flower receives the most sun. The benefit of being kax'ves is that the most praise for a ves'a is heaped upon it's kax'ves. When the ves'a is given praise, awards or rewards the kax'ves receives more than the ves'a.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The kax'ves can be removed by force in the case of social ves'a and by decree of the Vee/Raa'toka (or higher) in a professional one. In a social ves'a, the kax'ves can only be removed by being deposed, by one of his ves'a proving themselves tougher than the kax'ves. In a professional ves'a, the kax'ves' superiors can decree that he is no longer kax'ves and appoint someone else. This can lead to resentments among professional ves, and fights and disobedience might occur.

Cultural Significance

The ves'a is the most important social unit among goblins, so being kax'ves of a well-liked or respected ves'a has a certain prestige. Affluent ves'a are attributed to the skills and leadership of the kax'ves. Professional ves'a with high productivity are accredited to the know-how and aptitude of their kax'ves. So, culturally, a kax'ves is considerably more affluent and respected than the rest of their ves'a.

Notable Holders

Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist, Selgorn Starrysky
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Ultimately, the authority of the kax'ves comes from the Kax'Vee or Vee/Raa'toka.
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