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The ves'a is the basic unit of social structure within the goblin social order. Ves means sibling and the affix 'a means group or multiple, so Ves'a literally means multiple siblings. Within the ves'a is six goblins. These goblins are never chosen by the people in the Ves'a because if it is a social ves'a, the goblin's siblings were chosen for him when he was between six and ten years old. In a pro ves'a, the siblings within are chosen by the Vee ro Raa'toka of the Ves-ka and put together with fulfillment of a goal in mind.

A social ves-ka is one that is formed for a group of children at the behest of one of the parent figures in the six gobling's lives. To form a social ves-ka, the future Kax'Vee chooses six children with the youngest no less than six and the oldest not more than ten years old. A ceremony is then performed on the children (see Ves'a Forming Ceremony), that bonds them to mother (kax'vee) and mother to them. These six other goblins may be the only other goblins that any individual member (except the Kax'Vee) will socialize with, or show any degree of trust for their entire lives.

A professional ves'a is formed by an organization, usually a Cartel or Syndicate, for a purpose, such as "an accounting team." These professional ves'a may be task orientated, or more long term, but they are generally formed by a Vee or Raa'toka, having been given the go ahead by his or her Kax'Vee to form up 41 other goblins into a Ves-ka. The leader of the ves-ka chooses all the ves'a within.



A Ves'a is always made up of 6 goblins, unless some die. In a social ves'a, your siblings can never be replaced. In a professional ves'a, bosses are reluctant to shuffle ves around because of trust issues with goblins


within the Ves'a there is one Kax'Ves and one Vesya. These ranks are always there, with the oldest/toughest being kax'ves and the youngest/smallest being vesya. The rest within a ves'a are referred to as Ves.
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