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The concept of Kax'Vee or "High Parent" has little in the way of translation to our language. Ostensibly, the term means "Mother" but it has a connotation of hero-worship and reverence, as well as obedience and respect. Among goblins, the term is never said in vain, and a goblin will not call anyone who is not their mother by it, even in jest.


All that is required to be Kax'Vee is to have at least one devoted "child"


One is default Kax'Vee is any child not in a Ves'a that they are raising, but when a Ves'a is formed of 6 young, often unrelated, goblin children, there can be only one Kax'Vee. This is decided before hand by the appropriate females, and the Ves Coming of Age Ritual insures the bond of Motherhood.


Ostensibly, a Kax'Vee is responsible for her children, though when adult children commit wrongs, they will usually shelter their Kax'Vee behind a veil of deniability. In truth, however, there is little that the Ves'a does that the Kax'Vee is not aware of, and probably behind.


The Kax'Vee is, at least outwardly, responsible for all Ves'a under her control. All successes of the Ves'a are the Kax'Vee's successes, all failures are their own.


Socially, a Kax'Vee with a number of Ves'a under her control is a mover and shaker among the warren. The more successful her ves'a are, whether that is in actions or studies, the higher her social standing. And the higher the social standing, the more she has of the ear of the Don or Donna that the warren answers to.

Accoutrements & Equipment

a Ves'a sees their Kax'Vee as a point of pride and insures she is decked out in the finest bling they can afford. Silks, furs, precious metals, stones and ivory are all seen as acceptable accoutrements of one's Kax'Vee
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Donna Lorna Sparklingsky by Jaime Buckley
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Mom, Mama
Source of Authority
The source of parental authority is considered to be divinely granted and a blasphemous affront to Belobog to be denied
Length of Term
Related Military Formations


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