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Storm Scouts

Also known as the Aru Rani, the rank of Storm Scout is one found universally among the Weinadi, all across Thaiterra. Originally those scouts responsible for keeping track of the many storms that swirl across the surface, the unit and term has now evolved to mean those in the military who are capable of operating on the surface during the extremes of weather. Not a covert unit, necessarily, but one that is expected to carry out their task no matter the circumstances.   And they still do keep track of the storms.



Each unit of Storm Scouts consists of at least 3 scouts, possibly as many as 5.


While traditionally on foot, Storm Scouts do make frequent use of Weinadi vehicles as they are able, and when the terrain permits it.


The scouts within a unit are considered of equal rank, and will usually chose a leader if needed, depending on the type of mission they are on. They are usually only subordinate to the regional commander of the area they are in, and are expected to deliver their reports to this person.


Storm Scouts are the best of the best among the Weinadi. They are selected from the best of those who undergo basic training, and the selection is such that if someone is chosen for anything other than being the best for this task, it can result in extreme censures against all involved.   Those chosen are not told for the first year of service, because a Storm Scout is meant to serve above all else, to not let ego and pride get in the way of doing their duty. After their first year in the military, those who are still deemed able and have the proper personality for a Storm Scout are individually taken up by trainers and put through a rigorous process of combination testing and training. Those who fail will typically still end up with some kind of promotion within the regular ranks.
Overall training Level
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