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They are the peacemaking force. When a guardian is killed or needs assistance to solve an issue, Soujoubou leads powerful envoys for a swift resolution to the matter. Peaceful solutions are preferred, thus the group's name. But this branch has its share of violent altercations.
The Envoys are the most elite and hardest to enter branch. Members must be atleast 200 years old and have served as a guardian in order to join. Unfortunately, egos tend to match rank here. Usually this isn't a problem.


These are the elite policing troops of the League of Guardians. Envoys are only sent in when things go very bad. If a guardian is killed, they will hunt down the murderer and bring justice. They prefer peace and are skilled negotiators. While those they interact with, will not remember who did the negotiations, they will have a signed contract stating the agreement between each side.   You can recognize a member by a dragon mon on their clothing. Though, if you see an Envoy, your memory will be wiped by a member of the Salvage Crew.   They are stationed in Kyoto and work closely with the other branches: the Salvage Crew and Guardians.


Each member is given a legendary weapon spirit, that has a link with one in a museum displaying the national treasure. The item is called in its spirit form when it is needed by the Envoy. When an Envoy retires or dies, their weapon is passed on to their replacement.   Powers each member recieves include the ability to make another being tell the truth, teleportation that requires little ki to perform, and specialized magical tracking that can pinpoint particular magic users.  


The group hunts for replacements among fellow League members. It's usually considered to be a promotion. Suggestions are reviewed inducted by Soujoubou--the commander of the League--and the Envoys.  

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