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League of Guardians

The organization responsible for maintaining order and balance among and for the yokai of Japan. It is second only to the Kami. They focus on the protection of humanity from those supernaturals who would do the mortals harm, and protection of yokai likewise from humans.   While yokai are often a powerful lot, their numbers dwindle. Some kinds more than others. For example, Kitsune were considered endangered a century ago. Last decade, they were put on the critical list.


Secret Organization

The group keeps themselves hidden, only allowing members to know their identities.   Most yokai know of the organization. But, humans are kept blissfully unaware of the presence of the League of Guardians. Should it become common knowledge, it is feared yokai would lose their ability to hide among the mortal race. Some races depend on blending in to survive.



Founded and headed by Soujoubou, who created its 3 branches--the Guardians, the Envoys, and the Salvage Crew.  

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These members are individual yokai that protect an area. They serve 50 year terms. As the number of yokai have decreased, the areas they watch over has grown. Because the increased responsibility and danger often keeps them from having a family during that time, many Guardians now feel they are unable to serve more than one term in a row.
The guardianship is the most well known and largest group of the League.
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They are the peacemaking force. When a guardian is killed or needs assistance to solve an issue, Soujoubou leads powerful envoys for a swift resolution to the matter. Peaceful solutions are preferred, thus the group's name. But this branch has its share of violent altercations.
The Envoys are the most elite and hardest to enter branch. Members must be atleast 200 years old and have served as a guardian in order to join. Unfortunately, egos tend to match rank here. Usually this isn't a problem.

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Salvage Crew

These members have the dirty work of cleaning up human and yokai clashes from the physical and spiritual worlds. They often appear to be normal everyday people and things. But do not be fooled. They are powerful beings able to change even the history of humanity.
The salvagers are the most controversial, feared, and misunderstood branch. In part, because many of its Tsukumogami members don't speak and thus are considered second class citizens among the yokai. Soujoubou constantly reminds the League that the salvagers were given this position and power, because no one else wanted the cleanup duty. So they, too, should be given due respect.

Sweep in like a wave to protect, recede without a trace.

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Secret, Brotherhood
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庇護者同盟 (ひごしゃ どうめい)Higosha Doumei
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