Hayami Kairi

早未 海莉

This yellow-eyed birdman is the head servant of the Great Tengu Soujou-bou. He quickly earned most trusted status and was put in charge of all of the Tengu King's affairs. Kairi is a surprisingly sensitive and caring soul. (If you didn't know, Tengu are normally callous tricksters.) His attention to detail and the accuracy with which he forsees his master's needs are second to none.  

What was he before he was Soujou-bou's servant?

Kairi was part of a band of wild tengu—uncivilized roughians to say the least.   He and his friends used to enjoy playing cruel tricks on the people of Kurama village. To Kairi and company, humans were just as stupid as domesticated animals. The band would do things like steal the rice the villagers worked so hard to grow or capture hunters or wood gatherers after a heavy winter snow and make them return home naked, only to laugh at the unfortunate souls. His caws would echo throughout the valley.  

What changed him from being a roughian tengu?

The villagers caught Kairi. Unwilling to risk their necks, his "friends" abandoned him. His captors, intent on taking revenge and purging their area of the one they blamed for all their troubles, tortured the tengu. (To this day he won't speak of all they did to him.)   As the villagers set to boil the young tengu in oil, Kairi pleaded for mercy. Members of the Kurama community had gone hungry or lost toes and worse from the band's tricks. They had no mercy.   Soujou-bou happened to come down from Mt. Kurama that day and saw the young tengu's plight. He swished his feather fan and a gust of wind blew the villagers and Kairi away from the roiling cauldron. Then the Great Tengu, who was also an ascetic priest, recited a passage from one of the Buddhist sutras to the crowd. Only Kairi turned from his selfish ways. Despite their hard hearts, the villagers let the young tengu go for fear Soujou-bou would curse them.  

How did he become Soujou-bou's servant?

Kairi pleaded for days with the Great Tengu to let him be a servant. Finally, Soujou-bou relented. The young tengu refused to leave his Master's side unless he was ordered to do so. Even then, he'd wait outside Soujou-bou's quarters to learn just what the Tengu King might need.   Through the years and watching his Master's work in the League of Guardians, Kairi saw that kindness and serving others wasn't just a "virtue" but made a difference in the world around him.   Eventually, Kairi won over and recruited most of his friends from the roughian pack and they serve the Tengu King by Kairi's side.
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Current Location
Date of Birth
October 8, 1689
Current Residence
Soujou-bou's palace
Vibrant gold
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Shiny black
5'1" (155 cm)
110 lbs (49.9 kg)
Aligned Organization

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)
Character Portrait image: by AWV + MJ


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