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League of Guardians Archive

So the archives are a known entity now?
— former League member

by AWV + MidJourney
An enormous library of original documents and duplicates of museum originals from all over Japan. Here, you can find the League's records, historic documents, maps, treasures from antiquity, along with many variations of folklore and myth.   The archive buildings are sacred ground for the League. The weight of so many historic texts and multitudes of secrets makes even the loud spoken Soujou-bou whisper.   It's a place not only of learning but also communication over the ages from previous generations. The League feels that harmful events in history should not be repeated.



The first archive building was built, shortly after the Battle of Sekigahara as Tokugawa Ieyasu came to power. Buddhism became state sponsored and every family was required to support local temples. It was considered a way for Japan to avoid becoming colonized.   Despite being a Buddhist priest, Soujou-bou wished to preserve texts that could have been seen as contradicting the new rulings—ones that contained the history of other belief systems and the Shinto Kami. He dedicated a plot of land hidden away in the Spirit Realm.   The archive's religious importance came into play once more when Shintoism was persecuted under the Meiji Era government in the late 1800s. Again, important texts were squirreled away or copied from those in museums.   Soujou-bou had always carefully kept the League of Guardians records. But when the archive building was built, the League's records were moved there for safe keeping. To this day, only League members may visit the archives and they must have written permission first.



by Amy Winters-Voss
Two Tengu families, the Uyedas and the Sazamas, have carried on the work of preserving, sorting, storing, copying, and locating items in the archive since it's inception. Even though they are tucked away in the spirit realm, they keep up with happenings by taking time off in the human world.   This year the caretakers received permission to digitize the archive's contents. It took them decades to get the ok from the League's governing Council. First, they will setup their own cloud server in another secure location, then they'll begin scanning.



by AWV + MidJourney
Normally a libary does not need to protect itself. But if the archive is invaded, the caretakers have powerful ofuda to move the buildings. The archive would then be split up. Each building would be plopped in front of a large city's police headquarters or inside a JSDF base.   Public relations would be a disaster. But if there's a breach, it's assumed the League fell. The archives would be turned over to the Japanese government.



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by AWV + MidJourney

A covert spot outside of Kyoto in the Spirit Realm
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by AWV + MidJourney

by AWV + MidJourney

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