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Salvage Crew

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These members have the dirty work of cleaning up human and yokai clashes from the physical and spiritual worlds. They often appear to be normal everyday people and things. But do not be fooled. They're powerful beings able to change even the history of humanity.

The salvagers are the most controversial, feared, and misunderstood branch. In part, because many of its Tsukumogami members don't speak and thus are considered second class citizens among the yokai. Soujoubou constantly reminds the League that the salvagers were given this position and special power, because no one else wanted the cleanup duty. So they, too, should be given due respect.


Remove any evidence of mortal and kami interaction, when called upon. This can be when a kami is exposed and did not wish to be, when history or the future would be affected, if a group of yokai would decide to try to massacre a town, or the like.   To clean up after or avoid such an incident the Salvage Crew will:
  • cover any evidence of kami or yokai
  • dispose of bodies
  • heal areas of magical dissonance (such as after someone has stolen ki)
  • memory wipe mortals in the vicinity
  • disperse ki in an area to natural levels
  • return any powerful objects to the League of Guardians
  • (added in the last half century) destroy digital records such as security cameras and phones
  • Digital record destruction is not wiping the devices, but making the device never capable of replaying its contents. They have not discovered a way to merge tech and magic to salvage the devices. Though they would much like to do so. The devices might have become a Tsukumogami had they not had to destroy the items.    


    For taking up the lowest of the League ranks and duties, members are gifted with special abilities. They include the ability to perform a memory wipe on individual or groups of people, teleportation that requires little ki to perform, and the ability to change short term history.  


    Soujoubou takes recommendations from current League members for new recruits. Then he and the rest of the Salvage Crew do a background check. Finally, the Salvage Crew votes. It's rare to not vote a potential member in. But there is one recorded instance of this. When a recruit with the ability to speak bragged about her possibly becoming a member. She was mortified to find the she was not voted in, and the group would wipe her memories of the League.   Humility and secrecy are top qualities for those with this rank.


    Team Secrets

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    Will you join:
    Team Umejior Team Nakamura or both?

    When you choose the team with the secret - it will appear.

    Reports To
    Soujoubou the leader for the League of Guardians
    Numbers Assigned Per Region
    The number or Salvage Crew members varies by region, but the minimum number for an area is 2. Some areas like Nonogawa and Kyoto have higher kami and mortal interactions, thus requiring more Salvage Crew.
    Magical, Professional
    Form of Address
    -san (Just like every other Japanese. They are a humble lot.)
    Alternative Naming
    Cleanup Crew
    Equates to
    Forensic cleaners in the mundane world.
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