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League of Guardians Mon Code

Welcome, New League Member!

Congratulations to you, the newest member of our ranks in the League of Guardians. You have been assigned a mon to denote which part of our organization you belong to and which location you are attached to. Remember no one will see your mon unless you give the command. If you die or are killed then another member will be given the ability to read your mon and report back to the League.   Please use this list as a way to decode the League of Guardians Mon of other members you will likely come in contact with. A complete list will be sent out in the next wave of membership updates.   Be sure to keep your mon stamp in a secure place, such as an alternate dimension safe, to ensure that it only is used for official purposes and doesn't fall into enemy hands. Loss of your mon stamp may result in a demotion.  

Mon Design

The mon will have the following specific design so we can avoid any fakes. The central element will be a triangle pointing down. Above the triangle will be the League's fan. The location image will be on the lower right, and the division symbol on the left.     --Sincerely,


Symbol Decoder


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Fan by Freepik
League of Guardians Official Document

Cover image: A Notebook of Mon by the Met Museum


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