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Voshan Dīdnalash

The Voshan Dīdnalash are the elite palace guard of Yīŗish iti Ptibīsh and the city of Īyonī. They are renowned as the best of the best, the most elite of the elite fighting forces of the world.   The Voshan Dīdnalash are considered to be the very best warriors of the Kaushan, almost universally, regardless of any other loyalties. It is an honor for a Kaushan from any Principality to serve as a Dīdnal. It is a privilege of the highest honor to be asked to join the Voshan.




The uniforms of the Voshan are made of the special cloth aikital, made exclusively in Rotai. The standard uniform consists of a loose fitting, wrap-around blouse and loose fitting pants, tied at the waist and shins. They wear shin-high boots of soft leather. While they wear no insignia, the uniforms are a distinctive maroon with silver trim, black trim for stealthy missions.  


Armor of various sorts are available as needed. However, the Voshan prefer to avoid armor, as it reduces their speed and agility. Rather, the rely on their normal uniforms, as the aikital provides significant protection, despite its fine quality.



Individual dīdnal, occasionally squads, within the Dīdnalash that have proven their skill, dedication, and loyalty to be above reproach are recruited to the Voshan. Once recruited, they undergo intense training, additional vetting, and an intense interview process. Failure at any step of this process prevents the candidate from entering the Voshan. However, they may remain in the Dīnalash, often with increased rank and almost always with increased respect. It is considered a great honor to be considered for the Voshan.


Formed two years after the death of Badnīl Qau, the king of Kiŗaun, at the behest of his widow, Shania vin Qau. Shania had split the kingdom among her sons and grandsons and split Īyonī into an independent (and neutral) city state. The Dīdnalash city guard had once been tasked wth guarding the capital of a nation, now it was in charge of an entire nation.   Voshan naqī Shanai was concerned that the city guard was no longer adequate for the security of the palace or of Shania. Therefore, he asked her to allow him to form an elite division which would take on that task. She consented and he built what would become the Voshan Dīdnalash from the best and most dedicated dīdnal of the city.   Known originally as the Dīqīyal, they quickly made a name as being the best fighting force throughout the Two Continents, especially following the single battle of the Yilik War. Their repuation is maintained to this day. After the death of Voshan in 1715 CT, the force was renamed to the Voshan Dīdnalash, in honor of its founder.

Historical loyalties

The Voshan Dīdnalash was originally loyal to Shania first, Voshan naqī Shanai second, and Īyonī third. After the passing of Shania, it became Voshan, the Tīkil, then Īyonī. Today, it is the Naidīdnal, the Tīkil, the Voshan as a whole, then Īyonī.
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