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Kingdom of Kiŗaun

The Kingdom of Kiŗaun was a nation on the eastern coast of Mishtz̀azey. After the death of King Badnīl Qau, his queen Shania vin Qau and his vizier Nautīr Ptor split the Kingdom into the Eastern Principalities, each ruled by one of sons of the King.


After the death of king Badnīl Qau, the kingdom was split among his sons and grandsons by Shania vin Qau as described below.  
  1. First son: Qīval naqī Badnīl — called Dīvaudai (adj.) /diːˈvaʊdaɪ/, eldest. Late having children. Bikal had three before his first was born. Principality of Dīvau
    1. First son of Qīval (only of his siblings old enough): Naurīr naqī Qīval (shooting star). Principality of Tinaurīr (place of the shooting star)
  2. Second son: Nauŗauk naqī Badnīl — called Bikal, the accuser, as he accused Ptaidai of some crime. Rivalry continues to present day. Principality of Bikal
    1. First son of Nauŗauk: Kaunin naqī Nauŗauk.
    2. Second son of Nauŗauk: Ptirvo naqī Nauŗauk, called Dībaunīb, the strong. Principality of Ībaun.
    3. Third son of Nauŗauk (died before grandfather): Dīnosh naqī Nauŗauk
    4. Fourth son of Nauŗauk: Voŗilish naqī Nauŗauk. Principality of Rilīsh
  3. Third son (died before father): Shanai naqī Badnīl
    1. First son of third (abdicated): Voshan naqī Shanai
    2. Second son of third son: Yaushīr naqī Shanai, called Nashal (the (hard) worker). Principality of Tīnashal
  4. Fourth son: Ptaidai naqī Badnīl (the lion). Principality of Ptau
  5. Fifth son: Mitaish naqī Badnīl
    1. First son of Mitaish: Ŗautai naqī Mitaish. Principality of Rotai, known for its textile production.
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