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1917 CT

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Binaka is a world of wonders, both hidden and visible.   This is the fourth age of Binaka, which marks the return of magic to the world after the gods banished it at the end of the first age. Civilization has finally returned for the majority of the inhabitants, but much of the world still remains shrouded in mystery.   Unbeknownst to most of the inhabitants, the third age was an age of genetic manipulation, when most of the variety of humanoid races was created. Many other fantastic races were created at this time as well. This age ended in catastrophe, has had all the ages prior.   Buried beneath the remnants of the third are are the technological wonders of the second age. Most artifacts created in this age no longer function, but buildings may still stand.   Below that are the remnants of the first age. This was a wondrous time when magic coursed through the world almost as freely as air. Many wonders remain hidden through out the world, some just now coming back to life after lying dormant for many millennia.